You need every day to 1,200 protective masks: How the Heinsberger Doctors of the Corona-crisis defy

Before the joint meeting with representatives of the press, you do the same as immediately afterwards, The heads of the three hospitals in the district of Heinsberg phone calls to get shoulder-to-shoulder for their employees in the hospitals much-needed supply of new protective material. Urgent protective masks, gowns and disinfectants will be needed. “Also, our employees are browsing on the Internet to get more materials,” said Heinz-Gerd schröder, head of the city hospital in Heinsberg. On the previously used reference because it is already long nothing more.

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In this Engagement, Schroeder and his colleagues Jann Habbinga from the Hermann-Josef-hospital in Erkelenz as well as Stefan Bienert from the St. Elisabeth hospital Geilenkirchen not a criticism of your previous warehousing shall apply. Not the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann, who had indicated that hospitals have not sufficiently advanced. According to expressed Laumann will have during his visit in Heinsberg, three days after the first case became known.

“I now don’t care where something comes from”

Normally in Erkelenz per year, around 500 masks of type FFP2 or FFP3 would be needed. “In the first three days after the outbreak of the crisis, we have consumed here but 1500 PCs,” emphasizes Habbinga. Just 260 per hospital had been officially supplied by the country, the three Hospital managers organize themselves. Are needed currently, in the district of Heinsberg, every day, around 1200 masks, in addition to 7500 pieces, the mouth-nose protection, 4000 Kittel and 150 litres of disinfectant.

“Over the weekend, we still have enough,” says Habbinga. Deliveries are announced, but if the come and ask, not sure, know it to reports of confiscated or stolen goods. “I now don’t care where something comes from. We need it simple!” he emphasises, and continues, somewhat annoyed: “I don’t understand why we need to make phone calls here in the most affected Region, alone, to Material take care of, in the meantime, even with manufacturers. This can’t be our task!”, he is outraged and he calls for a corresponding Central crisis management at the country level. In addition, the prices that must currently be for the Material that is paid would rise steadily. From three to four times the usual price, the hospital head to speak.

The requirement is clear: The staff at the clinics work with a lot of commitment, but wishes that the people remain really home now to not in the hospital be supplied “HS will be strong,” reads the Slogan in the district of Heinsberg, With “HJK be strong 2” cheers the Team at the Hermann-Josef-hospital in Erkelenz.

Not less angry, that would not be heard from the hospitals in the district of Heinsberg, always in the direction of the district government and the Ministry of communicated ideas for improving the Situation in the first place. There are still hospitals in the country, which would operate quite normally. If the displaceable interference would shut down, it could stand for the corresponding Material now in the district of Heinsberg available. “And if we have survived the crisis, we could help somewhere else”, so Habbinga.

All three feel that their fight is not adequately supported. Schröder quoted from an E-Mail from the district government this week, informing him / her that the district government does not have a Material and in the procurement could not support.

“HS will be strong,” reads the Slogan in the circle Heinsberg

For the work of the district administrator Stephan Pusch, Heidrun Schößler, the head of the district health service and the crisis team under the leadership of Philip Schneider you can find only praise. Not only there, but also in the circle of the employees and in the district of Mr a great sense of solidarity tion to each other. “Superhuman” would make all the employees in the hospitals. “And earlier when you responded, you would not be able to respond,” says Habbinga. He cites the example of kindergartens and schools, which had been on the day after the first known infection closed.

And also, if the bed capacity is in the district of Heinsberg with 3.4 per 1000 inhabitants is low, have it adjusted in all three houses of the Situation immediately, agrees with him Schroeder. 16 beds for infection protection of the bed plan of North Rhine-Westphalia for the circle Heinsberg in front of see. Would be held currently in Heinsberg, however, been 47, as well as in Erkelenz and Geilenkirchen 30. Here, too, all three, however, request that a Central Management. For the distribution of the patients with need for intensive care, it’ll give you for this week, controlled by a doctor in a hospital in Cologne-Merheim. But also for the patients that need to be moved after the first treatment, had a Central bed coordination strictly necessary to maintain the first-line treatment in crisis, herds continue to guarantee, so Habbinga.

From left: Stefan Bienert, Jann Habbinga and Heinz-Gerd schröder, the heads of the three hospitals in the district of Heinsberg, act in a close shoulder-to-shoulder and call for more regional coordination

“This is a bug in the System!”, also, the district administrator Stephan Pusch emphasized with a view on the current Situation in the supply of protective material. “If we want to pull out of the whole Situation is a lesson, it is that we are no longer allowed to do in terms of production and storage of these materials to us dependent on other countries,” he says. In the district of Heinsberg, Lord of great solidarity, and he repeats the Slogan “HS be strong”, here, now everyone knows. “But we need the Land for a Central power supply with all the necessary Material, and for a centralized bed allocation!”, also, he stresses.

In Berlin, the call for help from Heinsberg is heard, the authorities always emphasize. A first response should come via the emergency assistance by the German armed forces. To cope with the situation, the armed forces want – they confirmed to on Friday evening the German press Agency-two ventilators, and around 8000 Kittel available. In addition, 3000 respirators the level FFP2 should be sent in the course of the treatment and care of Coronavirus patients are intended to be worn – as well as 15,000 of the mouth – and nose protection masks.

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