X-ray images, mother, passport, vaccinations, progress is coming soon to your Smartphone: E-patient record

More than 14 million people have downloaded the Corona-Warning App for your Smartphone. The digitalization of healthcare, but will also fundamentally advance. And the Central project of Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) does not have that much time: 1. January 2021 to start an electronic patient file (ePA) as a voluntary offer for all the Insured. The feast is available. The Bundestag decided on Friday, now also rules the functions. To access the sensitive data protection part until later, but met with criticism.


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Spahn said, the E-file will not be immediately available in all applications perfectly. However, it should “start time” and ensure that the digitisation of incoming in the health sector. “Then there is acceptance and agreement, but if it makes the everyday things easier.” More Tempo to her after years of wrangling about more functions for the electronic health card. Because of the construction of a protected data highway of health care with On – and off-ramps to offices and clinics progressed long just tedious.

Also, Vaccination card and mother pass digital

The law establishes the claim for the patient, that E-files will also be filled with content and gradually get more and more functions. In addition to Findings, medical reports and x-ray images, the yellow examination booklet for children and the Dental bonus booklet should be able to pass from 2022, also the Vaccination card, the Mother to be saved. Then the Insured should be able with a health insurance exchange digital data take. In effect the law is expected to come in the autumn, the Federal Council must not agree to.

Data protection: The Insured can decide what is stored in your E-file and what you want to delete. And you determine who has access to data – however, in spite of criticism from data protectionists immediately to Start in a more refined variant. From 1. January 2022, it is provided the possibility, even for each document individually, which a doctor can see it. Then, it should be possible that a physician may have access generally to the ePA, but certain findings are not shown.

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That patients may in the first year only, all or no data, puts the Opposition on the warpath. Left-expert Achim Kessler warned that “immature” E-file to be dangerous to the acceptance of the whole project. “Why do I need a orthopaedist information about a termination of pregnancy? What a eye doctor information about psychotherapy?” The ePA was initially a “disordered collection of electronic documents”. Also, Christine ash, mountain-Dugnus (FDP) criticized the preliminary “All or nothing” in Data releases.

Spahn campaigned to trust in data protection “at the highest level”. The data would be on a German Server. And such offers should not be making only Internet companies such as Apple or Google. For the protection of processed data according to the law, everyone Involved from the doctor about clinics to pharmacies directly responsible. The operator within the data highway must report faults and safety defects immediately – in the case of failure of up to 300 000 Euro fine threaten. The insured should be able to comply starting in 2023, data of the medical research encrypted to provide.

The doctors encourage to go along with the E-file, is to provide incentives to Doctors and clinics to fill in for the first time with documents, you will get ten euros. Also planned is an App that you can download E-prescriptions to your Smartphone, and in pharmacies, can redeem. Alternatively, it is possible with a printed bar code should be on paper. The recipe is still digital to the pharmacy. Also Referrals to a specialist are to be electronically transmitted.

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