When flying what? The prediction for Allergy sufferers

Pollen calendar 2019: millions of Germans suffer from hay fever or other allergies. The new forecast shows what time of the year what Pollen is active. What few people know is that Some plants are blooming already at the beginning of the year.

With rising temperatures spring is coming up. What many people expected eagerly, giving Allergy sufferers, however, of typical hay fever symptoms such as runny noses and itchy eyes.

As nice weather sets in, many Pollen – hazel, and alder are soon flying pollen, the first Birch. The most important questions and answers:

What are the Pollen fly?

The German Foundation for pollen information service reported in February in a prediction of "rarely observed Niveaus" when the concentration of alder pollen in the North – West German lowlands. The seasonal peak values were reached. As a reason, it was suspected that the kittens have matured due to spring-like conditions at almost the same time and the Pollen be distributed optimally. FOL

"For Allergy sufferers it was not the Traumwinter", the Director of the Allergy centre of the Charité hospital in Berlin, Torsten Zuberbier stated, with a view to the largely mild weather conditions in most regions of Germany. "To were Christmas hazel pollen-plagued Allergy-free, except, perhaps, in the high mountains."

Since about 20 years, the Trend towards ever-shorter really pollen-free time in the Winter is going to continue, emphasizes making beer. The intensity of Pollen have increased. "You get the feeling that climate change has arrived. Plants love this weather." The trees used "Warmzeiten" for reproduction.

On hazel and alder, which in the next time-decaying values to be expected, follows birch.

How many people have an Allergy to pollen?

Between 15 and 20 percent of German, and thus a minimum of twelve million people suffer from hay fever. Is triggered the allergic rhinitis due to the pollen of trees, shrubs, grasses, cereals and herbs.

What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction?

The pollen reaches the eyes and nasal mucous membranes, the body makes against the supposed enemies of the antibody and releases, among other things, the neurotransmitter histamine. The consequences are watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing attacks and shortness of breath. The Allergy can also lead to gastro-intestinal disturbances, fatigue undkonzentration disorders. In severe cases, an allergic shock threatens. Without adequate therapy, up to 40 percent of hay fever patients have Asthma suffer also.

When flying Pollen at all?

For years, researchers have observed that the Pollen moved in order several days forward, and in the autumn a little longer. In mild climate it can be, therefore, that in November, the last of the grasses and herbs pollen fly, and in December, the first hazel pollen are on the go. For Allergy sufferers, the season is extended.

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So how to protect Allergy sufferers?

Experts recommend that you change clothes upon Entering the apartment. Also, it is advisable, before bed, the hair is going to rinse out with water. Nasal irrigations Pollen wash also. Outdoor sports should be avoided during heavy pollen flight.

In the countryside, pollen in the early hours of the morning, is strongest in the city, however, the Maximum is reached only in the evening. It is therefore recommended to ventilate the bedroom at night and close the window early in the Morning, and also to keep closed during the day. It is also helpful pollen protection screen on a window and a ventilation filter in the car.

When planning your holiday Allergy should be based on the pollen calendar. A holiday trip is at its cheapest, to if home the Allergy-triggering Pollen high season. Especially in the high mountains and the sea, where there is plenty of pollen, poor air, Allergy sufferers to breathe.

What medications help?

Antiallergic antihistamines not be used in acute symptoms, modern means to make tired. It is available as a nasal spray or eye drops as well as tablets and drops at the pharmacy. In stronger cases, the doctor cortisone can prescribe-containing medium. Also acupuncture can relieve hay fever symptoms temporarily.

A preventive treatment with disodium cromoglycicum possible, which prevents the release of histamine. This agent should be applied before the first symptoms of Allergy.

The so-called desensitization is the only way to treat the cause of an Allergy. In this case, the relevant Allergen is administered in increasing dose to get used to the body. Up to 70 percent of patients are often permanently, or for a longer period of time complaint.

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