What helps against a hangover?

Actually, there is a simple explanation for the soreness: The pain is to protect us. Almost everyone who’s ever Wake up with a roaring head or in the shower and had to sit down, knows the thoughts: I will never drink alcohol again! Good idea, the body would like to thank for it.

And yet: Sometimes, there are evenings in which two, three, four or more glasses of bubbles all the good intentions and the Worry about the next Morning from the head. For dizziness, pain, stomach waiting for the Wake up problems and a crisis of conscience.

What exactly happens but when the alcohol disappears from the body? Why tolerate a few people Drinking better than others? And what can be done about the complaints, do? Answers to the most important cat questions.

How is the hangover?

The problems after a night of drinking for several reasons. For one, alcohol disrupts sleep. After the Drink they were not dozing faster, but it sleeps really deep. The consequences, especially in the second half of the night, when you Wake up again and again. This important regeneration time of the body.

At the same time he has to fight toxic substances formed during the removal of the alcohol. Actually, every alcoholic beverage contains small amounts of Methanol, Fuselalkohol, resulting in the production of, and does not harm. So he disappears from the body cleaves an enzyme of the Methanol into formic acid and formaldehyde. Both of these substances are in large quantities highly toxic and, in the smaller probably for the hangover.

And, the last point is that alcohol also makes sure that the body during drinking increased fluids and electrolytes to be eliminated. Also, this deficiency makes the next Morning felt.

Why’d you feel after getting Up is often a fit, and shortly afterwards, however, like to slay?

The hangover complaints only reach its peak when the alcohol level drops in the body to zero. For this reason, it may actually be that you will feel after getting Up is still quite well – to tilt only about an hour later on the Sofa. Why, exactly, are we, of all people feel then, at the worst, if the alcohol is to be fought, not researchers have explored in more Detail. A part of the phenomenon can, however, just with the toxic degradation products explain.

Why not get some people a hangover and not others?

There are these people who drink in the evening and the next Morning jump out of bed. This is not only because they are disciplined. Instead, about one in five developed a severe hangover. The studies have shown. However, the researchers did not come, unfortunately, still behind it, what makes these people so resistant to it.

What are the Anti-hangover advice it really help?

  • The most Important and best Known: Drinking, Unalkoholisches. Alcohol in the secretion of the hormone Vasopressin is suppressed and thus leads to, that we need more frequently to the toilet. The body dries out so, in spite of all the liquid we take in.
  • After the Drink, should the food to follow. Many forget the alcohol, to eat sufficiently. The blood sugar level drops, the hands are shaky, head aches. The best counter-measure foods with simple carbohydrates such as white bread or white pasta. They provide quick energy. Salty dishes such as Rollmops or pretzels help, too – because of thirst, the Drink will promote and in addition minerals lost by the body.
  • Against the hum of the skull helps a pain pill, but it’s better without Paracetamol. The active ingredient is loaded in the liver, which is already suffering under the removal of the alcohol. Anyone who has digestive problems, you should be acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) to gently. The active ingredient may irritate the gastric mucosa.
  • The counter of beer could be the cat, although in fact a little delay by it, among other things, the removal of Methanol is suppressed. The effect is only minimal. Other problems are aggravated, such as the lack of fluids. It is better to treat the body to a alcohol break.
  • About 30 years ago revealed a study found that people after taking 1200 milligrams of Vitamin B6 less hangover symptoms, according to Harvard Medical School. However, the study had very few participants, and was never repeated to verify the result. The advice is therefore to be viewed with caution.

And last, where the head is already pounding: is it True that every noise destroys thousands of brain cells?

No, alcohol does not kill brain cells but it interferes with your communication with each other. As a result, he slows down our Thinking, but only for the time of the rush. In the long term, alcohol can damage the brain indirectly.

Who drinks too often and too much, provokes an inflammation of the liver. Thus, it can happen to circle that, among other things, a lot of ammonia through the bloodstream, which can clog the nerve cells in the brain, in contrast to the alcohol directly. In the case of strong drinkers in addition, Vitamin B1 can occur deficiency, the brain structures to shrink.