Unusual case report: The woman with the hair on the teeth

To have hairs on the teeth, is not a particularly flattering feature: It means, opinionated and quick to be irritable. The phrase dates back to the middle ages, a time in the hair as a Symbol of masculinity and Power were considered. To whom the proverb hair to grow on the teeth, considered to be particularly well-fortified, especially with his words.

The character traits of the young woman in this case report, nothing is known. Only so much: you attended due to a phenomenon she had noted six years ago, for the first Time – her hair grew in the mouth.

About the unusual case, a team of Doctors reported to Khrystyna Zhurakivska of the University of Foggia, Italy. As Doctors emphasize, handle it is a very rare phenomenon. In the literature, only five similar cases have so far been described – all of whom are exclusively men, which was mostly grown only a single hair.

Hormones play crazy

The case in Italy is different: The complaints were not only described for the first time with a woman. From the gums of the patient, multiple, individual hairs, reminiscent of eyelashes, also grew. What was the cause?

There is much evidence that the hormonal balance of the patient played a role. As the complaints were occurred for the first Time – the woman was then 19 years old – away, Doctors, the hair, and prescribed her the anti baby pill to affect your hormonal balance. The therapy was a success. In fact, the woman for years to stay spared of the unpleasant symptoms.

However, six years later, you put the pill and the hair returned. Shortly before she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarsyndrom (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder and is manifested bleeding with irregular Cycle. Affected women’s reports about acne and increased hair growth on the body (hirsutism). For many, the value of male sexual hormones increases in the blood. About five to ten percent of women in the sexually Mature age have PCOS. The disease onset is usually between 15. and the 25. Years of age. PCOS is not curable, the symptoms, however, usually with the use of hormones to treat.

Hair on chin and neck

In fact, the woman was also in other parts of the body conspicuously hairy – your hair grew on his chin and in the neck. There are many indications that the disease could have favored the growth of hair in the mouth. The mucous membrane of the mouth is closely related with the tissue that forms in the Embryonic development of the subsequent skin, the researchers report. May be later, individual hair cells would be activated. The exact cause is, however, “unclear”.

Since the hormone disorder is relatively common, the phenomenon had been never described before in the case of women, it seems, even in the case of PCOS-Affected manifests only rarely occur. The medical team emphasizes, however, how important it is to examine patients in more detail. May be a complex disease is to blame for the hair growth in the mouth and this had not yet been diagnosed.

The complaints of the wife had improved in the past by taking the anti-baby pill. The suffering of women was large enough, so that she again started taking the pill? It is not clear from the report.

Source: “Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology” / PCOS self-help in Germany e. V.

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