Through vaccination of the population in a matter of months, the medication expert in the Interview

You can see in the Video: the President of The drug regulatory authority explains, how long does it take by vaccinate the population. Video source:

A vaccine is there, could be vaccinated, the German population relatively quickly across the Board. “With the necessary large number of Impfärzten this is a matter of months,” says the President of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI), Professor Klaus Cichutek, in “ntv early start”. Such a vaccine is planned in pandemic plans and to make. To quickly get enough doses for a Germany – and a global vaccination would have to be pooled, the production capacity of many manufacturers. The PEI in Germany is the responsibility of vaccines to allow.

Cichutek is calling on the government to talk about fair distribution mechanisms in the world. “This must actually be re-discussed as to exactly how such a thing can happen.” In the past few decades, have had to do it only with epidemics, which have grow to pandemics and for which vaccines were developed. This time you have to do it with a pathogen from which you will daily learn New things. Therefore, there is a need for a different set of rules.

At the cost he expects be in order, that the manufacturers of the vaccines, “cost close to the price” offer. “Of course it is a question of prestige, is that the companies feel challenged to help the world, and in this respect, the world can’t overwhelm in terms of prices,” said Cichutek. How much to take from the subsequent purchase price, the insurance companies are not to be discussed.

Cichutek sees two other German vaccine research projects “close to the clinical trial”: The company Curevac in Tübingen and the German centre for infection research. “I reckon that in a few weeks, the next clinical trial by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute approved can be.” So far, only the company Biontech from Mainz has to get a permit.