Three men with hiccup come to the doctor …

Someone to visit for a SIP of the emergency room, sounds at first absurd. Doctors warn that too many patients where no emergency exists, overcrowd the emergency rooms. Who is so please with a hiccup in the clinic?

In a continuous hiccup in the case, it might be reasonable to talk to a doctor – it doesn’t have to be the emergency room, show three cases in which a team of Doctors from Taiwan and Poland in the “American Journal of Emergency Medicine” reported. They have occurred in the years 2017 and 2018.

  • The first Patient endures his hiccups a whole two weeks before the emergency room in Taipei to visit. The man is 77 years old, has type 2 Diabetes. His description that has worsened the hiccups in the past two days. Apart from that, he has no complaints.
  • The second Patient has after a day of hiccups enough. He says the Doctors in the emergency room that he had on this day also, no real appetite, more acute complaints he has. The man is 64 years old, has type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure. He has a stroke and one of his coronary arteries is narrowed, no longer strong.
  • The third Patient suffers for two days of hiccups, as he, the emergency room visits. The 70-Year-old has a benign prostate magnification, other complaints, call the team of Doctors to Yi-Tzu Lee from the veterans hospital in Taipei.

What connects the patients in addition to the hiccups, are suffering some of the risk factors for cardiovascular. The physicians, therefore, examine each of them by the ECG whether the heart is beating in a healthy rhythm and pumping. In addition, they measure Troponin in the blood Is increased, it suggests a heart attack.

The typical symptoms were

What other tests the Doctors do not mention them in your case report, because with these Tests, they were already on the right path.

In all three patients, the ECG is striking, the Troponin increased. You have all suffered a heart attack. What makes their cases so unusual: None of the typical heart attack symptoms – severe pain in the chest, the radiation, perhaps even in the Arm or a huge Tight or pressure sensation in the chest.

It is known that women feel less likely this destruction is pain, if you suffer a heart attack. Instead, it plagues more like a violent stomach ache, Nausea, vomiting, sweating, and shortness of breath – all symptoms that can also occur in other diseases. Sometimes men have such nonspecific symptoms, which can complicate the diagnosis and delay. However, the three patients in Taiwan not complained once about a stomach ache or excessive sweating.

How a heart attack causes a hiccup? According to the case report could affect the event, the released substances on the phrenic nerve and the duration of hiccups provoke.

After the diagnosis is made, treat the men accordingly, all three have a rest and can leave the clinic after a few days. Also, the hiccup disappears in all three patients.

In spite of the series-diagnosis, the Doctors indicate that doctors are not able to safely start each patient with a case of hiccups, a comprehensive diagnosis. The attention of Doctors should be but, if you already have certain risk factors for a serious disease, as it was with the three men.