These foods strengthen the bones

Osteoporosis is nearly 8 million people are Affected, the most common bone disease in Germany. With the right diet you can do much for the atrophy of the bones to prevent or slow the progression.

Bone loss, like osteoporosis is also called, is through a healthy lifestyle to counteract. "For an optimal acquisition of bone mass and density, especially in childhood and adolescence, intake of Calcium wichtig", pharmacist Dr. Volker Schmitt, press Secretary of the pharmacist in Bavaria explained. Good sources of Calcium are milk and milk products, green vegetables, such as broccoli, fennel, Kale and beans, fruits such as black currants, tangerines, and apricots, nuts, and certain mineral waters. "The absorption of Calcium from the diet can be improved, if the food distributed through the day eaten werden", says Schmitt.

Just as important as Calcium with Vitamin D. "It ensures that Calcium kann&quot be installed in the bone;, the pharmacist explained. Therefore, it is advisable to spend as often time as possible Outdoors, because the body Vitamin D can only make use of the sun’s rays. In the dark time of the year is when the power of the sun declines, may be a preparation with Vitamin D makes sense. In addition, it is in small amounts in fatty fish, egg yolks, red meat and liver.

Also Vitamin K for bone density and vitamins C and E for cartilage and connective tissue are essential. Whether there is a deficiency and the intake of nutritional supplements is necessary, using a blood test at the doctor’s notice.

By the way: bone healthy diet is useful at any age. In the case of young people, so up to 30. Age, is built up bone mass – the bones become denser. "That is, in the first three decades, you have to pay is crucial to be ‚Knochenkonto‘ a. This should then be sufficient for the whole life. All measures to strengthen the bones, the after the 30. Age be to delay only the Knochenabbau", Schmitt explains. Older adults with a calcium diet and plenty of exercise will get your bones stable.


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