These are the worst things to listen to patients by medical professionals

We are very happy that there are people who take care of our health. Physicians are us from the aches and pains to major health problems. In this case, the ratio of doctor to Patient is a special one: The Patient trusts the doctor, and often intimate secrets, and relies mainly on his Expertise. Doctors help diagnose, advise – are, however, also sometimes simply people. That is to say: Some doctors respond to patients most delicate situations, insensitive, unsympathetic or impatient. And so the conversation with the doctor can go wrong. How wrong, this is a Thread on Reddit, the beginning of which a user asks shows:

What is the most Painful thing told you a doctor ever?

In less than 24 hours to 33,000 comments collected already under the question. Many of the answers revolve around, that patients felt that their Doctors are not taken seriously and self-pity were accused of: “you can’t have so bad of pain,” citing a Reddit user and his doctor. Also a “you should have more energy” appears as a quote. Then had been diagnosed in the users of Multiple sclerosis, in which patients often suffer from severe pain. Another user tells how a physician scolded him, because he had come because of a kidney stone in the emergency room: “This is a waste of money,” said the physician, therefore, (and brought the patient to the wines).

“You need nothing, you are just fat”

In the comments, Reddit users also reported the lack of sensitivity of some doctors. So, a User writes: “I went because of ear pain to the doctor and the first thing was the doctor said: ‘Yes, I’ll give you drugs for the ears, but we need to do something with your face, your acne is terrible’.”

Another says: “I wanted to have a node in my groin investigate, and should take off my pants. The doctor began a speech under the principle ‘size is everything’, which was not really the reason why I’m in practice.”

Some users tell briefly in one sentence, what words of your Doctors have you hurt the most:

Doctor says: you are too poor for therapy

Just in the area of mental health not every physician is well suited to advise his patients. “The doctor asked me if I felt lonely,” says a user. He replied: “I wouldn’t assess myself as a lonely,” whereupon the doctor had the word “lonely” written and underlined three times. Another user told of a story that is likely to occur, especially in the United States more often. Accordingly, he had finally found the courage to work on his psychological problems and his doctor, therefore, according to recommendations for good therapists in demand. “His answer was, that I was too poor to get a therapist and that I would have a crappy health insurance. It was a worse day.”

A little helpful “tip” got a user from his doctor: “you are 19, you should have no fear of disturbance.” Also very frustrating is the “diagnosis” is not: “We know what you are missing, so you have to imagine the pain.”

Sources: Reddit