The missing victims: death rate is on the rise worldwide more than the official Corona-death numbers

The number of global Covid-19-cases is rising incessantly. And with it the number of people that the Coronavirus caused disease succumb. Nearly 180,000 deaths associated with the pandemic status Wednesday. But the number of unreported cases could be much higher: Around the world countries are reporting increases in mortality rates, which are significantly above the values of the officially of the pandemic that is allocated to the dead.

The research of the “New York Times” and “Economist” show. The two leaves are evaluated, the reported deaths of the last few weeks and compared them with the average data of the last years. The analysis shows that In all examined cases, the death rate is significantly higher than the expected Numbers – even if one takes into account the officially Covid-19-deceased.

As the plague

Corona kills tens of thousands – why the disease brings forward

At least 25,000 unexplained Deaths

More than 25,000 additional Deceased journalists found in this way – in only seven countries (including Spain, France and England), as well as the three metropolises of New York City, Istanbul and Jakarta. In the most affected New York, the mortality rate was around all the 298 per cent above the expected value of about 5000 dead per month. However, from a 17,200 additional dead only 13.240 were calculated as Covid-19-victims. More than 4000 in addition, the Deceased not be explained by the statistics so. In cases doubles the mortality rate is almost alone in this death.

But how many additional deaths can be explained? At least a part of them is expected to be only indirectly related to the Corona-crisis contexts, presumed to be the “New York Times”: “it contains very certainly people who could not be treated due to the over-crowded hospitals.”

Many others, however, expected to be actually realized Corona-victims. This is also due to the very different counting methods: Many countries count only the victims who died in the hospital, others only suspected cases to test later on the Virus. Because of the particularly vulnerable older people the course is often a symptom remains free, and the General death rate in this age group is already higher, they are not included in the statistics, often simply as Covid-19-Dead. It suggests, for example, that the number of additional deaths in Sweden is in the age range over 80 years the highest. In the UK, according to the “BBC” nearly 4000 deaths are attributed to old age homes for the Virus to show up in the official statistics.

In other cases, the statistics show, probably, that the problems were to be denied for long. In the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, the number of deaths had increased to approximately the beginning of March, dramatically, found out the analyses. It should have been patients who had been infected in February. However, that was weeks before Turkey had officially reported only a Diseased.

No Figures for Germany

For Germany, these Figures are not yet available. This is due to the fact that the official death rates are usually not collected in such a short intervals, and also of the individual Federal States. Also the Numbers of the evaluated countries were mainly used, because they had published their statistics because of the crisis faster than usual. The already present German Figures show a slight increase in Berlin, in Hesse, the death rate is below the normal level.

Despite the high number of unreported cases, the death rates could still be much higher, say the Max Planck researchers Vladimir Shkolnikov. “The current increases in General mortality rates are found under special measures such as Social Distancing, lock downs, closed borders, and special medical efforts, instead of,” he explained to the newspaper. “Without these measures the current of death would certainly pay significantly higher.”

Sources: New York Times, The Economist, BBC

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