The enemy in the bed

The bedroom is actually a retreat, a place to feel good, but it was there, threatening trouble some people. House dust mites come in hundreds of thousands, nesting in mattresses, spring beds, carpets or curtains. In allergic individuals, the body responds to the feces of the not even an inch large arachnids. On period can make you sick.

A bedroom full of mites sounds disgusting, but it has little to do with dirt. “There is no apartment that is free of house dust,” notes Torsten making clear beer from the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Why settle for the mites of all things in the bedroom?

Because the mites like it warm and humid, you will find in the bedrooms ideal conditions. By sweating every human being per night produces up to a Liter of water. This increases the humidity, for the good of the arachnids. Optimal temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70 percent for the mites as a food serve to you in the shed, among other things, hair and skin.

How do you show an Allergy to dust mites?

The discomfort of an Allergy to dust mites, especially in the morning. “The can itching, for example, of the eyes, frequent Sneezing, and a runny nose, a stuffy nose or cough,” says the göttingen Allergy expert Thomas Fox. Also rashes can indicate an Allergy as well as asthma. In addition, the animals in question as a trigger for eczema, or hay fever.

How can you prove a doctor the Allergy?

Who wants to clarify whether his complaints are actually the result of the arachnids, and the allergist pay. In the case of a so-called prick testing, the doctor added dropwise solutions of possible allergens on the skin and pricks it then easily. The Make redden or hives, is very likely an Allergy.

In addition to the Prick Test, special blood tests and a nasal provocation test in which the doctor mites in a house dust extract on the nasal mucosa sprayed to exist. It comes to Niesern thereafter, the nose or the resistance to air flow in the nose, it will change to a Allergy is also very likely.

“Often turns out that patients mites only to house dust, but in addition to mold spores cause an allergic reaction,” explains the making of beer, is also the Chairman of the European centre for Allergy research Foundation (ECARF). Mould fungi such as house dust mites, moisture and spread, therefore, also often used in bedrooms.

Sometimes, it happens that patients on mites and mold, in addition to react to animal hair allergic. “The symptoms can increase again, if the Patient is a smoker or a passive nicotine is exposed to,” says Fox, Vice-President of the medical Association of German allergists (AEDA).

How can Allergy be treated?

Against acute complaints, there are anti-allergic agents. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as cortisone-containing nose sprays can help some people.

“A further Option is a specific immunotherapy, which is also called Hypo – or desensitization,” says Stephan Meller, Senior physician at the clinic for dermatology at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf. Here, patients get injected over a period of three to five years regularly, a substance with an increasing amount of allergens under the skin to get used to the body.

“Such a therapy, however, is not suitable for time-consuming, and therefore for each patient,” says Meller. Depending on the case, the doctor can prescribe tablets or drops for hyposensitization.

What can Allergy sufferers, in order to reduce the mites?

In order to make it the mites as uncomfortable as possible, it is important, every Morning pillow and feather bed shake, and regularly airing. As a result, room temperature and humidity are reduced. Since plants secrete fluid, you should be out of the bedroom, banished.

It is helpful also to refer to once a week on the bed and wash the used bedding at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius. Mattress and bedding can be covered with mite-proof Allergy Covers.

Also, the flooring decides how strong is Allergy to the dust mite excrement are exposed to. Experts advise to a smooth floor that will be wiped once a day. Carpets should have short pile and vacuum cleaners are cleaned, which have been developed for Allergy sufferers.

Also critical fabric curtains and upholstered furniture. Who does not want to do without it, should you spray regularly with an Anti-mite Spray. Also plush animals lot of mites to be found. These can be kill by the stuffed animal Packed in a plastic bag and in a freezer it will cool.