The doctor brings four Mini-bees from the eye of a woman

A doctor in Taiwan has made in the left eye of his patient, an unusual discovery: he anguckte the Lid of the 29-Year-old more closely, he discovered four vibrant Mini-bees. The woman had come into the practice, without knowing something of the insects. Instead, it was assumed that her eye was swollen due to inflammation.

Before the problems started, had weeded the patient weeds in a cemetery, where she felt a gust of wind is a sharp pain. Since the woman was assumed to have Sand in the eye to get, they washed it with water from the “New York Times”. In the following hours, but swelled the eye to the extreme, also pain and itching put.

Soon that will be attracted to sweat

It got him very surprised, as he joined in the investigation on a hairy leg, the under the eyelid out peeped, said doctors Horng, Chi-ting from the Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan. As the doctor looked at the eye more closely, he discovered a total of four living in the so-called furrow bees, which he removed by using a microscope, slowly, one after the other. Each of the insects was approximately three millimeters in size.

Furrow bees feed mainly on nectar. In order to meet their salt needs, are some of the insects attracted by sweat. In the case of the woman, the bees had mistaken the eyelid, apparently, “with an armpit,” said Horng. It is also possible that you were looking specifically to be close to the eye, to drink the salty tears of liquid.

Fortunately, the insects have not attacked the eye and are relatively quickly removed, said physician Horng. As the patient wore contact lenses, didn’t you rubbed your eye fortunately. Otherwise, the bees would have been able to reach deeper in your body and crushed, said Horng. In the worst case, the 29-Year-old would be blind.