Stress? Get out into nature!

Already ten minutes in a natural environment can affect the mental and physical well-being positively, and the effects of Stress significantly reduced. Thus it is necessary to take the long way: and Also green areas in cities to help with stress reduction.

In a study among students aged 15 to 30 years, it was examined whether a "Naturtherapie" helps to relieve Stress, anxiety and depression. The result was astonishing: after 10 to 50 minutes in nature, mood, concentration, and physical findings such as blood pressure and heart rate improved.

"It doesn’t take long until the benefits &ndash occur; we are talking ten minutes out in nature. We are of the firm Belief that every […] daily or at least several times per week, so a lot of time available hat", said study author Gene Meredith. After about 50 minutes, a Plateau will be reached where the positive effects increase less strongly.

A short walk is enough

Time-consuming activities are not required, it is enough to sit outside or go for a walk. In addition, the term &quot was;Natur" stretchy: some trees, planters or lawn areas led to the observed positive effects.

The researchers are of the opinion that the "Verschreibung" of time in nature by Doctors, a suitable medium could be to relieve Stress and anxiety and at the same time, physical and mental health to maintain.