Stiftung Warentest advises: This vitamin is a Must pills for Vegans

Vegetarians and Vegans need extra vitamins? This question of Stiftung Warentest, after the latest issue, and to a large extent the all-clear: “Not all who eat meat have to swallow vitamin pills,” write the Tester. In principle, a balanced vegetarian diet provides all the nutrients the body need. Only those who are vegan, on a diet, for the dietary Supplement “duty”.

People who avoid animal products such as meat, eggs, milk and fish, will have to, therefore, Vitamin B12. B12 is involved in cell division and blood formation and is almost exclusively in animal foods. “Vegans need to Supplement the Vitamin permanently,” writes.

Vitamin B12 requirements can be a favorable cover

All seven Vitamin B-12 preparations in the Test are dosed to ensure suitable and safe. The best of the effervescent tablets “Altapharma Vitamin B12” (Rossmann) for nine cents per day to cover. The “healthy Plus Vitamin B12 treatment” of the German drugstore chain dm is to buy it in vials. They are also suitable””. The same applies for the “Vitamin B12 Vital cure” from the house of Aldi North or Aldi South. With almost 70 cents per day but they are the most expensive products in the Test.

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According to the German society for nutrition (DGE) also a vegetarian, partly too little Vitamin B12. The recommended daily amount, for example, with a glass of milk plus a yogurt cover. If and when supplementation can be useful, the doctor examine.

Combined preparations, which contain a Mix of different nutrients, however, are not necessary – neither for vegetarians nor Vegans, writes. With the exception of B12, almost all of the important nutrients in vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds are included. In four of the eight combination preparations in the Test of the nutrient non-approved indications. Two products were not a German marking. Warentest ranked the five preparations as “not suitable”. Only three sections, with “suitable”.

Were test discourages, in principle, however, of vitamins, according to the watering can principle. Instead, it means: “when In doubt, you should let your individual nutrient requirements from the doctor to check. A deficit is targeted to be supplemented.”

The full Test with all the results you can read for a fee here.