So you can build up with resistance bands to target your muscles

With a resistance band, you can design a varied workout and target your muscles a workout. The resistance band is available in different versions, for example, as a Tube with handles or as a Band with two loose Ends. Always, you need to work against resistance and force. So you can challenge with resistance bands, focus on individual muscles and in the long term, build.

These resistance bands are there

There are different variations of resistance bands, and Tubes, endless tapes or ribbons. You can also choose between different materials, including bands made of rubber, Latex, natural rubber or textile.

Endless belts

The resistance bands are made of a closed circle and made of 100 percent natural latex. By their shape and different resistance strengths, they allow a flexible use for different Exercises. The five colors correspond to five different resistance values, each of which is also noted on the tapes.

Length and width can vary, there are also endless belts, the above more game space, and for other Exercises, for example, to the Training of the arms and back offer.


The bands are made of tear-resistant natural rubber latex produced and are therefore particularly long. Here, too, there are different strengths of Resistance, so you can adjust the straps on your Fitness Level and any muscle group. In contrast to the endless belt, these belts do not form a closed circle, but have two loose Ends, which can be mounted individually or hold on to it.


Tubes are lightweight and fit in any sports bag. So you can train with the Gadget everywhere, simply. Thanks to the different Strengths of Tubes of different training level adjust. In contrast to the tapes Tubes have two handles that you can hold with your hands, so that you have a particularly firm Grip.

So the Training is working with a resistance band

The biggest advantage of resistance bands is the targeted Training of individual muscles is. Depending on the length of the tapes, the Training can be more intense or less intense. The mechanism is simple, it is durable tension on the bands and the resistance is as the length of the bands is getting higher and the Training more intense. You can control the dispensing of the resistance easily, depending on the resistance strength and distance of the Befestigungsorts. If you are at the beginning of your training, you should start slowly and with resistance bands for beginners to start. Otherwise, you may overload your muscles, ligaments and Tendons, and joints. In order to achieve progress and the muscles build up, you need to make the Training progressive and gradually increase.

In the network there are plenty of Videos with Exercises that you can perform with resistance bands. If you are unsure, it may be worth, the demand for a fitness trainer who Exercises with you, so that you can then run independently. For beginners, a first consultation is always useful, so that the Exercises are correctly performed, and could not directly start mistakes that reduce the success of training or lead to pain.

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