So kids stay slim: tips for the family meal

When families eat together often, the children are leaner and eat healthier overall than children from families with only a few common meals. Now, researchers have analyzed why that is and give tips for the common food.

The common Breakfast, lunch, or dinner for many families is very important. The common meals not only strengthen family cohesion, but also the healthy nutrition of the children is of benefit, according to researchers from the Max-Planck-established Institute for educational research (MPIB) in Berlin in 2018, in a study. Now, the scientists investigated what factors makes the meal so healthy. "Family meals do not lead per se to better eating habits. Social, psychological, and behavioral aspects play an important Rolle", the author of the Study Dr. Mattea Dalla stun guns in a recent communication of the MPIB explains.

From the current analysis, in the journal "Health Psychology" was published, the six tips are derived that help children eat better:

  • no hassle when you eat, so a good atmosphere at the table,
  • healthy food serving,
  • the children in the preparation of the meals include
  • as a parent, to go ahead by eating a good example,
  • no rushing to eat between the door and the Angel,
  • switch off the TV.

"How a family eats together, is just as important or even more important than the frequency of the common Mahlzeiten", Co-author Ralph commented Hertwig the results. The age of the children, as well as the social and economic Background of the family have had no influence on the results. Also, it was irrelevant whether only one or both parents in the family meals were present – one aspect that is particularly relevant for lone parents is important.

For the study, the researchers examine 50 studies involving about 50,000 participants. As indicators of a healthy diet the Body-Mass Index, as well as the per day consumed servings of healthy and unhealthy foods served.



DOI 10.&/obr.12659 DOI 10.1037/hea0000801

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