Ritalin for adults: what time is prescribed the drug

Already as a small Boy, John Schulte can’t concentrate well. At the age of eleven, he receives the diagnosis of ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Schulte remembers the symptoms: "Anxiety, motivation, violence and aggressive behavior." Then Ritalin, a drug that is prescribed for a number of years adults reassured him. Because the disease does not disappear with age.

Patients will have a "Curtain weggenommen"

According to studies, ADHD symptoms lose about half of affected children grow up. The majority of the other half of the work retains the individual symptoms, but not too much restricted, and is therefore not regarded as sick. Only about 1 to 2.5 percent of the population is ADHD in adulthood in need of treatment.

"Patients have difficulties to concentrate for longer on things no reward versprechen", the Director of the adult psychiatry of the University hospital in Frankfurt, Andreas declared to be ready. You were disoriented, and let things lie. In the workplace Affected often have problems, and many lived in precarious conditions.

Physicians treating patients with the active ingredient methylphenidate, the most well-known is Ritalin. "Patients report that they for the first Time in my life to focus können", says Mature. The drive for self-control to take hyperactivity. Many will a "Curtain weggenommen". The widespread accusation that Ritalin patient quiet, the physicians speak vehemently.

Overmedication and abuse

How many people in Hessen suffer from the disease, is not known and therefore cannot be how many adults are affected. After an evaluation of the IKK southwest, the number of Ritalin is Insured regulations for adults in the state of Hesse under the IKK-between 2010 and 2016 to more than five times increased. IKK Südwest, managing Director of the Lutz Hager warns of a "Übermedikation" and calls for a "watchful Auge".

The AOK has just registered the opposite Trend. In 2012, approximately 1,700 adults AOK-Insured persons in the state of Hesse at least once in a year, or Ritalin, the active ingredient Atomoxetine (trade name Strattera), 2016 there were only about 1,100. Prior to 2011, such medications have been apart from individual cases, only children prescribed.

Michael Grube, chief physician of psychiatry at the Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst, holding the Figures of the health insurance companies for not meaningful: "Is it a coincidence that where you are just insured." More and more people to get Ritalin prescribed, also found mine useful – he, however, warns against the misuse of. "There are addicts that try that the doctor you verschreibt", pit says. How often is Ritalin abuse? "The are already einige", pit says. Hard Figures are not available.

"Ritalin is in the scene, often as a Speed verkauft"

What makes hibbelige children in low dosage calm, in higher doses in healthy adults drive increase, because methylphenidate is an amphetamine-related and is classified as a narcotic. "Ritalin is in the scene, often as a Speed verkauft", the info portal, drug info, pool said. The drug "can hallucinations, and exuberant euphoria führen".

At the hospital Most consulted physicians in suspected cases of child and youth psychotherapist to find out whether the allegedly affected adults had been as a child, has ADHD. To the Distress of the views in a school report: &quot help;Interferes with the Unterricht" am often on the paper, says pit.

John Schulte is now 25 years old and has only a few memories of his time with Ritalin. It had calmed him down and aggression reduced, but also loss of appetite triggered, he says today. After two years he switched to the drug, is its 17. Years old, he is not in treatment. Have helped him relaxation techniques. For a year he serves in the army. "I think I have myself well in the Griff", he says.