Ralf Möller vegan, and feels fitter than ever

The German actor Ralf Möller, known from the Hollywood flick “Gladiator”, with 60 years in tip-top shape. To stay fit he will forego meat, fish and dairy products.

“I am for a year on the vegan path and I have learned that nutrition has a key role,” said the 60-Year-old in Rust near Freiburg, the German press Agency: “I used to think that Sport alone makes it healthy. But at least as important is to have the food in sight – especially when you get older.”

Since he is relieved while eating and Drinking animal products, I’m feeling healthier and fitter, without missing something. “My cholesterol and all other values are as good as never before.”

Moeller comes from Recklinghausen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, he lives in the USA. In the Europa-Park in Rust, he collected donations for the Initiative “Skate-Aid”, which supports with Skateboard facilities in the world children and young people in crisis, war and poverty regions.

Ralf Möller is working on a Hollywood series

30 years ago, in the spring of 1989 that ended Moeller his career as a Bodybuilder and has since been an actor. From November on, he is next to Henning Baum in the movie “The last COP”, which was filmed in the Ruhr area. In addition, he is working for Netflix at a Hollywood series with the US Directors Tim Miller and David Fincher.