Positive Stress Definition and effects

We talk about Stress, we mean the rule in the negative. If we „gestresst“ are we usually the question is whether this is the trigger for disease feelings. However, there is also positive Stress, which is Eustress is called and the attention to promote and to bring the body maximum benefits can.

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Eustress and Distress

In psychology, medicine, and evolutionary biology, a distinction between Distress and Eustress. “Eu” comes from the Greek and means “good”. He is positive and encourages the body and the Psyche. Distress exhausted, however, the resilience, makes us weaker, and is negative. However, the two forms are not strictly separated, as they are based on the same survival mechanism.

Fight or flee

Stress is a state of excitement, with the living beings of exceptional situations that require increased attention and special services require. In such a Situation, the brain assumes that our existence is at stake. Had to times of hunters and gatherers, we bring quick, skillful and well-fortified animals to the roadway, which would have disappeared without the highest degree of vigilance in the thicket. At the same time, we had to protect us, sometimes from predators, and we go out of the way or we have provided to you. This “Hit or run” Situation triggers Stress in us because we have to decide within seconds, whether we want to fight or flee. Ancestors were not able to activate such a state of exception, have been selected by Evolution, so that for example, were eaten by lions or a herd of Buffalo overrun.

Particularly, conflicts between human individuals and human groups exposed to the body’s stress chemistry in motion. Also here was (and is) a “Hit or run”decision – to put it crudely, therefore, to decide as quick as a flash, when the point between a verbal Pöbelei and a physical altercation has been exceeded. In the same breath, it was time to decide whether you can cope with his Opposite, or it would be better to run away. No matter if a mother wanted to protect your child from hyenas or a Boy assess tried, whether a shadow in the Bush is from a saber-toothed tiger or not, in both situations, the stress mode of delivery.

However, Eustress is also then, when a 14-Year old nervous, while his swarm enters the school bus, a mother sees her Newborn for the first Time, a Couple of his wedding night, looking forward to or a author the letter box opens and the first copy of his novel, expected.

What happens during Stress?

Stress is the responsive mode of the brain in extreme situations, so that the body can act faster than usual. Within milliseconds, it releases this Neurotransmitter, such as acetylcholine. The blood flows more in the muscles, a higher secretion of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline for more energy. In the result, the digestion is slowed down, blood pressure rises, the heart beats faster, shortness of breath sets in, and the pupils dilate.

Positive Stress is temporary

The Eustress doesn’t last long, but in the long term. If we expose ourselves to in the short term, extreme situations, which activate the stress mode, we sleep better, be mentally balanced and in the age of active. In other words: It is good for us to suggest our brain is a risk, to overcome this “danger” but also, so that the high-driven hormones return to their normal state. Positive Stress comes about consequently, by the raising of energy and the subsequent Discharge.

Run away and Stress-banned

Our ancestors, who lived in the middle of nature, had no Problem with it – on the contrary, the stress state forced them to act physically. In the case of a threatening or undesirable Situation, to throw the spear with full force to run away or in front of a stone avalanche to roll away a case for the Survival and the stress was terminated caused the situation directly. The antelope was hunted, the Leopard is distributed, or the Baby, drove the hormones so quickly, as they were previously to the top soared. Our brains are waiting for the Signal that the danger was averted – for the Moment we can take a deep breath. The typical “Pooh”, which should be known, indicates that the stress mode, the shortness of breath is complete and our circulation is returning to normal.

Roller coaster and horror movies

Even without knowing the biochemical processes, we expose ourselves again and again such short-term stress reactions: The a watch a Thriller, others read a horror novel, while the third roller coasters and other run a Marathon.

Horror literature is based, according to Stephen King, on a very simple pattern: There is a Monster, which people are threatened and finally killed. The tension (Stress) in the Story revolves around the question of whether the Monster or the hunted people win. If the Monster is at the end of the story are dead, and we breathe and we feel good. Children, for example, have a quieter sleep, if the wicked witch dies in the Good-night story, so that the previously, the increase in the hormones to reduce back to the normal mode.

We would not feel the condition of increased tension (Stress) as a temporarily pleasant, we would not see him. The limits differ depending on the individual. While some people are not able to withstand the voltage of a Saturday night thrillers, get bored, others when a psychological Thriller Anxiety stages couldn’t. Some people get weak in the knees when she rides like a „Loopingbahn“ in the leisure Park only to see, while others are always on the lookout for the next adrenaline kick, whether it’s the Snowboard Salto, bungee jumping, or skydiving.

Both in the case of horror movies, as well as the marathon there is positive Stress, because it runs in a controlled manner. The threat is fictitious and not real. If the Person is too much, you can turn off the TV, and the marathon may be canceled at any time. The negative Stress, however, eludes our control, since we can’t do anything about it.

Distress stress is

The stress situations in the natural environment were mostly in the short term, where the bullying is by conspecifics is an exception, since it has a similar effect to negative Stress. The Problem in industrial and post-industrial societies is that the stress factors are permanent and not. We are under Stress, because we may need to do many of the tasks within less time. We need to.operate Multitasking, instead of thinking a thought to the end, at the same time on several &#8222…Weddings tanzen“, so that we can stay in conversation and career opportunities get.

In contrast to earlier it is not the Predator that we fear and puts us in stress mode. It is the fear of victim of the Job, so we can’t pay our rent. Such situations cause us stress, our energy consumption is rising, without which we can charge him. If now many people are looking for simple “stoick solutions”, the with our hassle-household explain. Sometimes we develop also fantasies that soothe us for a moment.

Stress in the imagination

Our “Hit or Run” mode in the brain is ancient, and the Stress created in the layers of the brain, which we share with reptiles. Among the skills of the people there, however, situations to present and go through this idea similar feelings as in reality – in a Positive or Negative. We can get a Trauma by suffering, we hear of traumatic events, we may suffer from memories of experiences which have never taken place.

We are able to put ourselves through observations and ideas in a stress mode, which can be both positive as well as negative. Football fans who follow a game on TV or in the stadium, are a good example. You are living through the entire spectrum of Stress, without access to the space. A player has a goalscoring opportunity, increases the stress level of the viewer. He, however, immediately, as soon as the player has shot. After the end of the game, the level in all the falls, both the players and the spectators, regardless of whether “your team” won or lost.

Computer games, especially Ego-shooters, are another example of positive Stress. They are focused on the “Hit and run” or “Hit and Hide” Situation. With a click of the mouse, the player decides in a split second, whether he shoots at a lightning-like appearing opponent (strikes etc.) or the flight departure. The player can be a long time for these decisions, it may mean the end for the character of the player.

The Flowing

Shamans, artists, writers, and “normal people” know the condition of the Flowings – you merge with your activity, time and space lose their significance and actions that have previously shown hardly any problems to be solved, drop them at once easily. This condition is called „Flowing“ (flow), because the acts seem to seamlessly blend into one another.

But what has all this to do with a positive Stress? More than you think, for Creative to reach this state in particular, then, if you dedicate yourself to a job that exceeds your abilities or what you feel comfortable with, a little. Routine solves similarly, a „Fließen“ as an activity, which overwhelmed the Affected completely. Thus, it is the same condition of the stress mode.

If Stress means the feelings and reactions of an organism to stimuli that overwhelm him in his current state, and threaten, then the feeling of happiness that is described in the state of flow the state is in a slight stress mode successfully. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)