Plaintiff asks for pain money after taking Rogaine

A plaintiff from North Rhine-Westphalia after taking a hair drug grew to 100,000 euros for Pain and suffering from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. The hair growth pills with the active ingredient finasteride would have caused the plaintiff serious side effects such as depression and sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction. The civil trial began on Wednesday before the district court of Paderborn.

Finasteride is included in several prescription drugs and is prescribed for the treatment of hair loss or benign prostate enlargement. It is a synthetic Steroid that resembles the natural sex hormone testosterone and in the metabolism of the sex hormone engages. In Germany, too many men for hair loss, the product will be sold each year a thousand times over pharmacies. The best-known products are Propecia Finapil and Finasterid-ratiopharm.


Multiple studies suggest that finasteride can make you impotent. According to an analysis from the year 2017, the symptoms can persist for years, even when the drug was discontinued. Men under 42 years, the finasteride had longer than 205 days revenue, therefore, is a nearly five times higher risk to be over a longer period of time impotent, as those of the Mediterranean shorter revenue.

2018 also warned the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) in a so-called Red-Hand-letter, that sexual disorders may also remain after Settling there, some for more than ten years. Patients who were treated with finasteride, also reported mood changes. To do this, depressive moods, depression and even thoughts of suicide included. Critics, therefore, demand to take the drugs from the market, and summarize the possible side effects as “Post-finasteride-syndrome”.

The process financier ProzessFinanz AG supports the claim, and speaks of a pattern case. Another pattern of action is run in Berlin, and a third one for October in Stuttgart planned.