People disease Depression: Why researchers hope that the nose spray – Video

Depression is one of the world’s most widespread mental diseases. Severe Depression needs to be treated – but there are people for whom the existing drugs don’t work. A new nasal spray might help you.

Almost 300 million people worldwide suffer from severe depression. About a third of depression patients is treatment – resistant to currently available antidepressants do not respond in these cases. The American pharmaceutical group Johnson and Johnson now wants to bring a new drug in the Form of a nasal spray on the market, to help these resistant patients.

The Spray with the product name Spravato has, according to the pharmaceutical group is on novel mechanisms of action that increase the chances of a cure. Besides, it beats much faster than traditional antidepressants, which need a lead time of four to six weeks.

Also at the European medicines Agency an application for approval is

This is due to the active ingredient, Esketamine, an anesthetic, which is similar to the structure of the anesthetic ketamine. According to a study of Esketamine relieves in the case of a twice weekly application of the depression of patients with acute risk of Suicide within a few hours. However, according to the manufacturer’s instructions to side effects such as dizziness, high blood pressure, and changes in Perception.

The US food and Drugs administration FDA approved of already by the application of nasal sprays for treatment-resistant depression, and severe depressive disorders with risk of suicide. At the beginning of March, the authority will take a final decision on the approval of the nasal spray. Also at the European medicines Agency a request of the manufacturer.