Normal weight, but still anorexic?

Skimmed the majority of people associate addiction with a very low body weight. American scientists point to the fact that there is also an atypical Form of anorexia, where the Affected are normal or even overweight. According to her analysis, the health of the Affected individual is affected to a similar degree as in the case of underweight patients.

Researchers at the University of California under the guidance of the nutritionist Dr. Andrea Garber have observed in many adolescents and young adults atypical Anorexia nervosa (anorexia): you suffer, in spite of Normal weight or Overweight to anorexia and show typical symptoms, such as, for example, too low a heart rate, an intermittent Menstruation and disorders of the electrolyte balance.

"A lower weight is traditionally set with a more severe disease the same. Currently, a third of the patients with atypical Anorexia nervosa have normal weight or darüber&quot are even;, Garber explained. The scientists keep the course of weight loss for the determination of the severity of the disease is extremely important: A big, fast, or long-lasting weight loss should be typical symptoms of a anorexia think. The atypical Anorexia nervosa meets up to the body weight all the criteria of a anorexia: food restriction, which leads to loss of weight, fear of weight gain and a disturbance of body perception.

"The results of our study show that atypical Anorexia nervosa addiction is a real disease and not just a milder Form or precursor of lean. Doctors […] need to have a watchful eye on patients with a large or fast weight loss, even if you initially were heavy and now appear normal. These patients are just as sick as the traditional Magersucht", Garber said.