New cholesterol-lowering drug for patients who do not tolerate statins

For some people, statins are not suitable for the reduction of cholesterol, because you are suffering from side effects or interaction with other medications. The active ingredient Bempedonsäure could be an Alternative. He has been shown in clinical studies to have a good efficacy and safety, however, is not yet approved for the treatment.

In the case of the study participants, which were treated with Bempedonsäure, the LDL-cholesterol level, an average of 18.1 percent lower than those who had only received Placebo. The effect was also observed when the patients in addition to other medicines for high cholesterol revenues. The treatment was well tolerated, and side effects were few. The study involved more than 2,200 patients.

Bempedonsäure could therefore be an Alternative for people taking statins due to side effects such as muscle pain or adverse interactions with other medications are not tolerated, scientists hope. Also could benefit patients already taking statins. "Bempedonsäure could help you senken&quot cholesterol levels even further;, study leader Professor Kausik Ray, of the School of Public Health of Imperial College London says.

Too much LDL cholesterol in the blood can cause Plaque that can clog the blood vessels and the risk of heart attack and stroke increase. Many patients with an increased risk, for example, in the case of Diabetes, genetic diseases, or patients who have previously had a heart attack or stroke, so cholesterol-lowering drugs.