Metal handle, Spray and co.: tips to help if your glasses are fogging up wear a Mouth guard

In Germany, two out of three adult wear glasses – a total of more than 41 million people who are 16 years of age or older. This is the result of the researchers of the Institute for Demoskopie Allensbach. Of these 41 million people, could soon have a common Problem, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, all States will introduce a mask is compulsory for shops and public TRANSPORT. However, when you Wear a mouth-nose protection, the lenses were often. It is impossible to wear a Mouth guard for a long period of time, such as for shopping,. The phenomenon is well-known. Wearers who have already worked in front of the corona crisis on a regular basis with a Mouth guard, know the Problem: The warm breath hits the cold glasses. Since the breath is humid air, condenses the gaseous water in the glasses. The view is bad and foggy. With proper use of the mouth-nose protection should, however, escape of the respiratory air through the mask, not through the gap between the nose and mouth protection. Fogged glasses can be a sign that the mask sits well. We have collected for you tips on how you can prevent the Fogging of your glasses.

Masks Made in Germany

Soon the breath will be the protection of everyday life – but how did the crisis goods come from?

Glasses over the mask

The mask is located under the seat, warm air flows with a distance to the lenses over, and not or less condensed in it. This, however, a new Problem may arise: The glasses are not firmly seated.

Mask is not tight enough

Try to pull the straps of your mask close. Then less moist breath should flow air to the top. You should make sure that the mask is still comfortable and not too tight on the face.

A metal strap provides flexibility

Not every face and every nose is the same. The mouth-nose protection should therefore be adapted with a metal strap. So flexibility and stability. Malleable, thin metal, such as a pipe cleaner or a fast stapler, is perfect for this. Martin Mißfeldt, the author of the page “” advises that a metal strap in a self-sewn or purchased masks insert – easy to sew or glue. You fold the top edge of your mouth guard, put the metal bracket and secure the new edge with a seam or an adhesive strip. Now you should adjust the mask to your face shape.

Handkerchief as an Alternative to the metal strap

If you do not have a metal strap for Hand, take a handkerchief and fold it into a strip. You attach it to the upper edge of your mask. The mask is sturdy and the cloth on the humidity of the breathing air. You don’t pay attention to the fact that the handkerchief in place.

Dish detergent and water, Yes, spit, no!

What is true for the goggles, also applies to the normal glasses? Not always, says diving expert, Monika Florian. Mild detergents containing no alcohol can remedy the situation here is that the glasses fog up. To do this, RUB the glasses with washing-up liquid, wash with water and dry with a soft cloth. But caution: do not Use the diver to distribute Trick spit on the lenses. This helps prevent Fogging, but it is not recommended in view of the function of the mask. By Wearing the mouth guard, the spread of the Coronavirus should be slowed down, spit is counterproductive.


Welcome to the masquerade ball – like the corona of crisis, a particular Trend can be attributed

Anti-Fog Spray

There are Sprays specifically designed to prevent the Fogging of eyewear. This Anti-fog or Anti-Fog are Sprays at the optician, as well as online and in the drugstore available.

Caution in case of oily skin creams

Diving expert Florian has another tip: “I recommend the face before Wearing the mouth guard with oily cream to RUB.Then the glasses fog up immediately, because oily skin evaporation results in lines.”

Sources: MDR, allensbach study 2019/2020,, “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”

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