Meanwhile, 47 deaths from E-cigarettes

In the US, authorities have documented other cases of deaths is very likely with the consumption of E-cigarettes in context. 47 people had so far died, informed the US health authority CDC on Thursday. The victims came from 25 U.S. States, and were between 17 and 75 years old. The number of cases increased to 2290 confirmed cases. A week ago, the CDC had reported 42 dead and 2172 sick.

Of the more than 2000 previously evaluated cases, 95 percent had to be treated in the hospital, 68 percent were male, 77 percent are younger than 35 years, 15 per cent are younger than 18 years old.

Possible Cause: Vitamin E Acetate

In many sufferers, the discomfort with breathing problems, shortness of breath and chest start to ache. Within the following days or weeks, they can deteriorate so much that the Patients have to be artificially ventilated. Part of the gastro-intestinal added problems such as Nausea, diarrhea or fever.

The cause of the lung damage is not resolved according to the CDC, still in conclusion. As a possible cause of last a of Vitamin E Oil obtained was identified.

The substance had been detected according to the CDC, in the diseased patients, whose lung fluid was investigated. Nevertheless, it was possible that more than one substance have triggered the disease, the CDC. Vitamin E acetate is often added to the THC-containing Liquids, and to thicken.

Belgium: A Death

In Germany, e-Liquids for E may not be cigarettes in General, no vitamins added, in order to give the impression that to be healthy. The had communicated to the competent Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) already in September, on request.

E-cigarettes-Liquids in a store in New York City

No similar increase in lung damage in Germany and Europe so far known. However, there are isolated reports of exception cases.

In Belgium, for example, the authority reported the death of an 18-Year-olds, which was attributed to the Inhalation of harmful substances an E-cigarette. The young man had inhaled a in Belgium legal Liquid containing the non-psychoactive part of Cannabis.

To protect yourself, warn the authorities in Germany explicitly against Liquids themselves. Without sufficient knowledge of the danger that materials were used such as Oils, the Federal Institute for risk assessment was the self-mixing. This could lead to the Inhale to severe respiratory disease.