Living with Pollen Allergy: As this would be outside a deadly radiation Mr

“Finally out of there!” So it was only recently, on our title at the star. The photo of a young couple, the juices up in a green Idyll. And then this line stood still: “Why the nature stroking right now our soul”. Sorry, gentlemen, may be, that can feel like spring. But until my soul is of the nature stroked, it will take a while – at least until the middle of June, perhaps until July, and even then my body still needs a quite a while, until the spring-riot in my immune system completely. Until then, nothing is rubbing there; it scratches rather, tickles, burns, itches and takes your breath away.

I know I’m not alone. More than 15 million Germans will be out of date, which is similar to; And the trend is rising. Not a few beat with the dance of the Pollen ends up in the autumn, rum – especially the one with the grasses. It is, of course, to hay fever. That sounds like me but much too cute. Pollen Allergy makes it better, because with eyes itch and nose run, what comes to hay fever the most, it is for me and many others know God is not done.

Hay fever – and not just for eyes itch and nose run

Whom is it right has caught the waves with itchy eyes and a Tickle in the nose rather nicely-exhausted! If it were only that. Whom is it right has caught the torment difficulty breathing to acute respiratory distress, seemingly never-to-volume cough, sore throat, dull headache, sometimes pain in the limbs, anxiety and nervous tension, poor Circulation, difficulty concentrating, General fatigue, skin rash, and a sleep that brings no rest and relaxation. Even the one who somehow manages to sleep through, wakes up with the feeling that now urgently lie down. Not everyone has the everything, but the most several of these symptoms come together. Because every day is a new beginning.

I’ve been winging it with all this already for three decades. The Allergy got me started while studying to literally. The first Time I even knew what was happening to me. I thought I had the cold of my life. At night I woke up gasping, Sitting upright and Inhale brought relief, at least a little bit. Especially is to me a single morning in memory that I’ve used because of the corrosive flow sniffing a family pack of Tempo tissues completely. Real recovery gave me the shower, and only for a short time. Since the complaints have not stopped, I went to the doctor; to be more precise: to a series of Doctors until one finally knew what was missing to me. Since then, to me, the spring can remain stolen.

The next rain will come for sure

Because, although I have of course learned to live with the Allergy, a number of therapies and treatments have caught me but then in the spring of every year – sometimes more, sometimes less, because nothing is as unpredictable as the Pollen in the spring and how you react to it. But when nature turns the volume up really, as in this Sunny and dry early summer, all the hay fever symptoms to fully bloom. Rarely have I heard from so many that they had this time problems, and, rarely, as many of the suffering complained of enjoyed that it was this bad. As for me, I also can not keep three years of hyposensitization to the State of the Art, unfortunately, massive complaints. But we remain, of course, brave: The next rain comes!

Until then, we’ll make it through these strange days, where life does not take place always there, where you yourself are. These days are radiantly beautiful, so like now, over Easter, you want to fling open the window, it pushes one to the light, you want to do something about it. In short: “Finally out of there!” Instead: covered Windows in the increasingly musty Shack, Breathing is the most easy in the windowless bathroom, or in the air-conditioned office or in an air-filtered car. As you would be stuck in a space station, because outside in the treacherous sunshine of deadly radiation. So, as in Science fiction movies already seen. This self-imposed quarantine is, sooner or later, inevitably on the mind.

Oh, always the same stories

But to be honest: to burden With all of my surroundings again and again, bugging me, after all of the time most of all. Every year, the same pollen stories that change nothing. Also, despite all the Malaise God knows more severe illnesses and fates, even worse allergies that don’t subside, as soon as some water falls from the sky. So I stand like many others that cross allergies (iden Apples, pears, cherry) to me, the fruit in General, have the Christmas of an Asthma Spray at the ready, in case I foolishly flourishes a certain kind of nut cookies to eat, or of the hazel shrub even earlier than he does already (namely, in January!). Instead, I think the nose and lungs open as to whether there’s fresh air coming through. If it is, then, to the extent that, it is called of course: “Finally out of there!” Also in the case of Wind and weather.