Kidney stones: Should the patient drink tap water?

Adults with kidney stones should drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day is a General recommendation. Many patients are confused, that bottled water is suitable, or ask, whether you can drink tap water. Researchers give the all-clear: The hardness of the tap water plays in the formation of kidney stones only a minor role, it can safely be drunk.

A recent study found that people with kidney stones can drink hard water from the tap: accumulation of Limescale in the kettle is not mean that also in the kidney to form deposits. Since the composition of tap water may vary depending on Region, have doctors from the Guy’s Hospital in London, the Situation in the world once viewed more closely. They came to the result that the hardness of the tap water can increase the level of calcium in the blood, but that numerous other factors have a greater influence on the renal stone formation than calcium alone. In Germany the excretion of calcium seems to be, for example, more of the diet than the type of drunk water-dependent.

In a US study, it was found that people from regions with harder water – so a higher calcium content – even rarer kidney stones were as in regions with soft water. Overall, the London researchers think it is safe to drink tap water, and they also recommend a water filter. If you prefer to buy bottled water, the rates you to a product with a high bicarbonate content.