Journalists Reexamine Mental Health Barriers, Gun Control Laws, and Homelessness

KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani discussed insurance coverage and behavior health carve-outs on Newsy’s “The Why” on July 20. She discussed her experiences as a reporter covering mental health and the online course she created about covering suicide for RedCircle’s “The Journalism Salute” on July 19.

  • Click here to watch Pattani on “The Why”
  • Read Pattani’s “Patients Seek Mental Health Care From Their Doctor but Find Health Plans Standing in the Way”
  • Click here to hear Pattani on “The Journalism Salute”

KHN reporter Victoria Knight discussed how a new gun control law puts an emphasis on mental health for “Marketplace” on July 18.

  • Click here to hear Knight on “Marketplace”
  • Read Knight’s “Gun Safety ‘Wrapped in a Mental Health Bill’: A Look at Health Provisions in the New Law”

KHN senior correspondent Angela Hart discussed homelessness in Portland, Oregon, on Spectrum News 1’s “Los Angeles Times Today” on July 18.

  • Click here to hear Hart on “Los Angeles Times Today”
  • Read Hart’s “Sobering Lessons in Untying the Knot of a Homeless Crisis”

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