In the case of desire for children folic acid to take

Many young women want to become pregnant, or might be, are not supplied with sufficient folic acid. There is a lack of in early pregnancy, the Vitamin can be dangerous for the Baby. The Foundation of children’s health points out in a recent opinion.

Folic acid is involved in essential processes in the body of the unborn child and protects it against a variety of malformations, such as the so-called neural tube defect. In Germany, the number of these malformations are not drops in babies, in spite of the long-known findings, and regrets the Foundation of children’s health. She is a year and up to 1,000 cases. Half of all neural tube defects could be at least a good Folatversorgung an easy and effective way to avoid, says Professor Berthold Koletzko, Chairman of the Foundation for children’s health.

The expert therefore advises all women of childbearing age to eat folatreich and, in addition, a daily folic acid Supplement (400 micrograms), even before the start of a pregnancy. The additional intake starts at best after the pregnancy was terminated: "The tablet with folic acid in the pill according to the Pille", Koletzko says. During the first trimester of pregnancy the preparation is to be taken then.

Abundant folate is found in raw food, fruit and leaf vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, fennel, spinach, asparagus, whole grain products, Sauerkraut, and potatoes. As a rule of thumb: All vegetables and salads, of which the leaves of the Plant are eaten, serve the Folatversorgung. However, the body can utilize only a portion of the contained folic acid. In addition, the folic acid in vegetable, fruit or grain is very heat and light sensitive, and is a long time to cook or warm the food is easily lost.


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