Iced and surgery: American doctors put the severely injured patient in cryogenic sleep

Doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine had achieved something, what we knew so far only from Science Fiction films such as “Passengers” (2016) or “Forever Young” (1992). As the renowned “New Scientist” reports, managed a Team of US-to enable Doctors to Professor Samuel Tisherman, for the first time seriously injured patients into a kind of hibernation, to operate and to get successfully back to life. And, without damaging the brain of the patient.

He had also been for him “a bit surreal”, describes Professor Tisherman in an Interview with the Moment, as his Team the first patient in the so-called artificial suspended animation offset. The method of operation “emergency preservation and resuscitation”, shortly EPR, had previously been tested on animals, writes the sheet more. Tisherman transferred the spectacular now for the first Time on people. However, under strict conditions. Because Tishermann tested the EPR method only people who were admitted with acute Traumate, such as gunshot or stab wounds and massive blood loss to the hospital. Her heart had already stopped beating, and the probability of Survival was assessed with less than five percent.

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Body temperature at ten degrees

But exactly how the process works now? First of all, the Doctors exchanged the blood of the patient against an ice-cold salt solution, in order to press the core body temperature within minutes up to ten degrees. The result is that The heart stops its service, and the brain can no longer be supplied with oxygen. A condition in which the patient is usually dead will be explained. Not in Baltimore. Because it is precisely here that the idea of cold sleep comes in. Tisherman is using for its procedures, the laws of physics, because the cold counteracts the cell decay. And that’s exactly why the brain of the patient is not to be harmed during two hours of cold sleep. As long as the surgical Team, according to current knowledge, a maximum of time to the patients with your life operate-threatening injury to succeed. Finally, you get back your blood will be warmed up and the heart begins to beat again.

Cold sleep: time to buy, in order to save lives

The doctors give you the “Freezing” of the patient a larger window of time to save people’s lives. “We try to buy more time,” says Tisherman. So far, many patients would have survived, would have died after conventional surgery, the Professor. According to the US physicians, the research is not finished yet. Professor Tisherman announced that it plans to publish the results of its study in the coming year.

Source: “New Scientist”

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