His little secret

Emptying the bladder? That was for the 55-Year-old long is not a Problem. Quickly to the toilet, done quickly. Since two months however, the speed caused him increasing difficulties. His urine stream is thin, just a little liquid makes it all the way in the toilet. In addition, the Patient’s blood discovered in his urine.

The 55-Year-old applies first to his doctor’s office. The comprehensive investigations of the doctors to confirm the narratives of the patient. On x-ray images, a narrowed urethra to see. The bottleneck is located in a typical place: After the urethra disappears at the end of the Penis in the abdomen, it makes a bend to the top, where it ends in the bladder. It is precisely in this bend of the urine seems not to be able to more freely flow.

The physicians transfer their patients in the urology of the George’s Medical University, in the North Indian province of Uttar Pradesh. There experts will take care of the further treatment. The bottleneck needs to be fixed. The urine accumulates in the bladder, it can flow to the kidney back. It’s threatening inflammation, the pressure can lead to kidney damage.

An inconspicuous Patient

In the hospital the urologist check-up the patient once again, even as they report in the “British Medical Journal”. The blood values are in order, the urine also. In the case of measurements of the Urine, but the Problem shows up. From the urethra of the man five milliliters of urine per second, the litres, maximum value is eight milliseconds in average. Normally, a healthy adult creating from 15 to 50 milliliters per second to be eliminated.

The man doesn’t remember any injury that would explain the Problem. The same applies for sexually transmitted diseases, drug he takes. In psychological Tests of the 55 cut off-Year-old normal, he is a normal Patient. This is not unusual, around 30% of the urethral strictures, no exact cause can be found. Probably the Doctors draw no suspicion.

Re-x-ray images in the diagnosis of the family doctor to confirm: in the Middle of the urethra, it stops, scar tissue seems to obstruct the passage. That there is excess tissue from forming, is widely used in industrial countries. Less than one percent of men are affected in the course of your life. The constrictions are formed, among other things, due to injuries at the Place of a catheter, another reason are bacterial infections. In addition, chronic inflammation can be the trigger.

The surprise in the OP

Because the complaints are so strong, the Doctors to their patients on the surgical schedule. You want to perform a plastic – a complex procedure in which skin, the scarred parts of the urethra by mucus from the mouth, or the foreskin substitute. As the Patient lies on the operating table, the doctors routinely still the last investigation: A Reflection, when you shove an endoscope with a camera in the urethra. Suddenly it becomes clear how much your Patient has directed all the time is misleading.

Recording of the camera

On the images of the camera, a small, blue plastic part appears. Because x-rays plastic to penetrate simply by, not see it on the pictures. Finally, it is clear what torments the patients, really – and how much earlier he’d been able to help. Using the endoscope, the physician push the plastic part into the bladder. Then, you remove it through the abdominal wall to the urethra not causing further damage. In front of you the tip of the pen is.

Introduced, from sexual reasons

As a last step, the urologist put the catheter, which is derived of ceiling in the urine to the urethra passing over the belly. Two weeks later, you can pull the hose back. After four weeks, the 55 reported-Year-old, that on the toilet again all over normal. His urine has returned to a pace of more than 15 milliliters per second. Later, the Patient admits that he has introduced the stylus part itself in the urethra. For sexual reasons.

Pen tip according to the distance

It always come back that patients foreign body slide into the urethra, write to the Doctors to Deepanshu Sharma. The objects range from needles, pen tips to the olive seeds.

The patients to conceal your fact, often, write the physicians. For this reason, it makes sense to check for a suspected urethral stricture diagnosis before the Operation, always with a camera.