Heroin in Tampons and morphine for small children – included as a hard drug to everyday life

The therapy was a complete success: – three children – three -, four -, and eight-year-old – to hit the drug in whooping cough. Other children who were administered the new compound, which was registered in 1898 by a predecessor company of Bayer, it well-tolerated. “Without a trace of unfavorable side effects,” quoted the Therapeutic monthly Bulletin of 1899 the attempt. The Name of the drug: Heroin.

Heroin, cocaine, and morphine in the 19th century. Century team of researchers and chemists to extract the active ingredients from medicinal plants. Known the action was already over the centuries, but now the production of the active ingredients was industrialized. Instead of insecure ointments, teas, and co. the patient received an effective preparation. “Heroin and cocaine were used medicinally with great success and enthusiastic about the medical Profession, the patients were,” said Tom Bschor, chief doctor of the psychiatric Department at the Schlosspark-Klinik in Berlin, and speaker of the working group “psychiatry, the drug Commission of the German medical Profession” for “Germany radio. In the process, the resources, the people, revenues were, nothing more than hard drugs.

Opiates for small children

The new products had the effect of: morphine, the precursor of Heroin, and already in the beginning of the 19th century. Century of the Pharmacist’s assistant, Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner of Paderborn have been isolated from Opium. He called the soporific substance morphine, after Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams. It was the precursor to the heroin and was lifted in all sorts of remedies. Even dental the end children received the “Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup” to an agent that consisted mainly of morphine and alcohol.

Heroin, the “heroic” agent of Bayer, was taken almost against everything: against pain, in Depression, respiratory diseases, or cancer. Even as a substitute for Heroin, morphine has been administered to patients since it would not be addictive. This assessment touched on the fact that Heroin is swallowed and not injected. So it seemed to be slower and significantly less strong.

Two Doctors from Berlin, have carried out Tests with the new wonder drug Heroin. Instead of four weeks, they took only a few days. “The cough of their patients disappeared, tuberculosis sick spat no more blood, and even terminally Ill found new courage to face life”, writes Harro Albrecht in “pain – A liberation story” about the then effect. “This is something that had not seen the world yet.”

Heroin without clinical Tests

Side effects according to Doctors in the case of Heroin. Maybe a little constipation, and dizziness – but that was about it. That of Heroin or cocaine could commence a triumphal March, had several causes. A: “Heroin comes from a time in which the accreditation criteria for medicines were still a lot of weak,” said a few years ago, Dieter Steinhilber, Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Frankfurt, the “time”. Instead of time-consuming, expensive Test under clinical supervision was tried out on employees and their families. Bayer’s Heroin was an instant sales success: A year after the market launch, it was already in more than 20 countries available. The Pharmaceutical company, in 1898 sold only 45 kilograms of the new compound, it was around ten years later, in 783 kilograms. However, a number of other pharmaceutical companies offered Heroin by-products. And so all of the population took it, even Tampons should be soaked with Heroin (against STDs).

Easier Internet Trading

More and more drug related deaths in Germany

Another reason for the success of the preparations: The drum was powerful stirred for ointments, juices, pills and powder. Big Show applied the Use of the funds, on recipe cards, flyers or calendars, readers found printed on the packs. Mothers who brought their lucky kids to bed, or game worked at the end of small children – the family Idyll as a motive apparently.

But it wasn’t all rosy, already at the turn of the century, Doctors warned of the new Miracle drugs were reported. They showed that Heroin – increased dose – dependent. The first heroin of the dead scratched on the image of the Product. In 1912, the first opium conference took place. There, the participants agreed to the fact that opiates are strictly controlled and the levy should only be in pharmacies. The outbreak of the First world war made it difficult, however, international implementation of these decisions.

Of Heroin and Aspirin

The wounds of the soldiers gave the opiates unprecedented sales, so that the dependency was called to these drugs, “soldiers disease”. However, it was clear: It is not a miracle cure, but hard drugs. The United States swung to the forefront in the fight against the substances – Heroin sold particularly well. In 1925 the opium Commission of the League of Nations agreed to a ban on Heroin, Germany ratified this prohibition in 1929. The prohibition made the production unappealing to the manufacturer. Bayer stopped production almost completely in 1931, was the end.

Felix Hoffmann, a chemist at Bayer, is considered to be the inventor of the diacethyl morphine – the Bayer under the name Heroin is marketed. But he developed yet another agent of Bayer is quite rewarding: Aspirin.