Heartbreak can be deadly

Most of the people it hits with full force: An intimate relationship with breaks and the heart is the same. In order to describe the sorrow, the concept of love sorrow but harmless, says Günter H. Seidler, a specialist in psychotherapy and a Professor at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg.

“Separations and unhappy Love to solve not just a temporary sadness, but can actually make you sick,” says the expert. Many adults would not take seriously. Most assume that the little bit of the heartache disappears by itself.

Practice for patients with heart pain

The pain could stop quite two years, says Seidler. “And sometimes a whole life.” How people deal with their grief, is quite different: Many plunge straight into the next relationship – with hauling the Last of the old, but still. According to the experts, not a good basis.

Also, Elena’s son, the author of the book “Goodbye Heartbreak”, advises heartache not to underestimate. “The symptoms are the same Depression,” she says. Affected fight, for example, with hopelessness, dejection, lack of sleep, loss of appetite or listlessness.

For such cases, the son runs the consulting Agency love the runt. In her practice, she sees most frequently people between 30 and 40 years, but also some that are older than 70 years. Many of their clients were erupted from Vernunftehen and real love in late age for the first Time be met. “If this new, beloved Partner then separates, collapse of a world.”

Regardless of the age, it is important to look for the conversation and to remember what is in one’s own life is still of importance. This could be a more fulfilling career, a Hobby, or the contact to good friends.

Sick with love

In very rare cases, people from grief – dying-in such cases, outside help must be found. The Affected a acute suffer heart failure, triggered by strong emotional Stress. Broken-Heart syndrome, this phenomenon is called, doctors are also talking about the Tako-Tsubo syndrome. In the worst case, it can be even fatal.

Many patients go on to develop acute Phase, which usually lasts one to three days, accompanying diseases, such as pulmonary edema or cardiogenic shock, in which a pump failure of the heart occurs. Chest pain and shortness of breath to speak in the hospital for a heart attack, explains Katrin Streckfuß-Bömeke, a biologist at the University of Göttingen medical center, which is researching the disease.

However, in contrast to a heart attack, the majority of patients, according to Streckfuß-Bömeke, after two months back to health. She advises, however, to draw after they survived the disease, psycho-therapeutic assistance in the recital.