Healthy protects from many diseases at once

Smoking, a poor diet and little exercise promotes diseases such as type 2 Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or cancer. From the looks of it with the emergence of several diseases at once, but it was studied less well. A new study with people from seven European countries shows that a strong correlation exists: The more unhealthy the lifestyle is, the more it comes to multiple diseases.

A Team from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a cancer research Institute, the world health organization in France, has investigated the relationship between the life style and the Occurrence of at least two diseases in one Person. Have been taken into account cancer, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke and type 2 Diabetes. As a way of life-style factors, the researchers recorded BMI, Smoking, alcohol, exercise and diet habits.

Mämen are stäamplifier gefährdet than women

The risk of suffering from within a period of ten years several diseases at the same time, fraud in men with a healthy lifestyle, 30 percent and women 18 percent. With an unhealthy way of life, it increased for men 40 and for women to 25 per cent. Who lives in a healthy, enlarged, therefore, his Chance to avoid multiple diseases.

All five lifestyle factors were – in varying degrees – with the Occurrence of the diseases in connection. So a high BMI, for example, was strong with Diabetes, but less strongly, with cancer and cardiovascular disease associated, while Smoking contributed particularly to the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, but less to Diabetes. For the study 291.778 individuals were observed an average of 10.7 years.