French Ministry of health makes it clear that cocaine does not help against Corona

The Coronavirus continues to spread in Europe, accordingly, the fear of infections and the possible consequences of increases in population. Politicians and experts point to the seriousness of the situation and to meet part of tough measures to contain the Virus – they warn, but at the same time before the outbreak of a panic. Nevertheless, people try to protect themselves by all means against the Virus and are a danger to themselves some of them are even.

So the French Ministry of health was forced to publish an unusual clarification: no, cocaine shooter in front of the Coronavirus. Previously had circulated on the Internet corresponding to the wrong messages. “It is an addictive drug that has serious side effects and health can be damaging,” warned the Ministry.

Coronavirus: false messages spread on the Internet

Apparently the rumor came from a fake Screenshot of a television message to the world. The Portal “Mimikama”, however, had revealed already in the beginning of February, that the hoax with an Online Generator was created. However, the Fake News was spread further and further, especially in the social networks. On Facebook appropriate Posts will be marked as hoax.

Corona Virus

As Italy struggles with drastic measures against the Coronavirus – a report from Milan

The health authorities in various European countries warn of false information to the Coronavirus and call on the population to follow the recommendations of health authorities and scientists. Yet there is no drug and no vaccine against the Virus. In order not to infect, is, thorough washing of hands is an effective precautionary measure. Spray also alcohol or chlorine on the skin, is to read, unlike some Online forums, is not helpful, said the French Ministry of health.

Anyone who falls for Fake News in and uses the wrong precautions, you can go even in danger of their lives. In Iran died, according to the Iranian news Agency IRNA 44 people at a methanol poisoning. They were the rumour food, alcohol could cure the disease Covid-19. In Iran alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden, had been drinking the Infected apparently adulterated Ethyl alcohol.

Sources: French Ministry of health on Twitter / “Mimikama” / “USA Today”

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