For the children, rescue the psychological battle for Survival begins after the caves-

The fate of the youth football team in Thailand has moved the world. After the rescue from the cave, everything is not over yet. The experience is likely to have been for many of the children was traumatic. A difficult return to everyday life.

Fortunately, were freed a few days ago, all twelve of the young people and the coach of Thai football team in a very dangerous rescue action from the monsoon water flooded Tham Luang cave near the Myanmar border. The world an incredible miracle.

After the worldwide Breathe a sigh of relief and hardly anything else about the rescue in the media is to be read. Most of the people never survive a traumatic event, however, is not aware of the fact that for the survivors of the psychological struggle for Survival a long time still is not won.

It is “traumatic” to the scientific Definition, not about the inflationary use of the term in common parlance. Today, the word is used lightly, if a football team in the first round to be eliminated against a supposedly weak opponent or the arrival to the holiday destination of traffic congestion due to several hours delayed. No, it’s meant to be-life situations, so-called Life Events, in which the affected person feels to die real fear, as it is given in the cave prisoners over 360 hours. These people only have the Option to come to terms with the impending death, or the awareness of self-protection in psychological offline mode. This tragic choice is a loss-loss Situation because both versions can have serious psychological consequences.

Alina Wilms studied in London, Oxford and Jena psychology. In 2002, she committed herself to the trauma expert for the Survivors of the killing spree at Erfurt’s Gutenberg-Gymnasium as an overall coordinating aftercare Manager, as the youngest of the approximately 100 nationally-recruited therapists.

Among the variables that determine whether a person is a result of a trauma will suffer tables, living situation, mental stress disorder, the duration of the traumatic event, which lasts for some events only a blink of an eye. The cave children had to endure over 360 hours in fear of death. Even when finally the rescuers arrived, had to expect the exhausted children to die in a spectacular rescue action.

A lot of bad memories

During this long period, in which the Psyche is already Hyper-sensitive and extremely vulnerable, a stable and the reminder of all that accompanied the traumatic Experience, particularly deep in the childhood memory. Darkness, cold, oxygen-poor air, the sound of pot or inflowing water and its stale smell, back hall, in the end, whimpering, silence, the stench of faeces and the sweat of fear of the cuddle team mates are seemingly indelibly with the traumatic memory associated with it.

All of these perceptions can according to the physical the traumatic memory Survive, boomerang-like, back get. For those Affected, it feels as if you have catapulted into the threatening Situation, accompanied by related arousal symptoms such as Tremors, sweating, increased heartbeat. So it may well be that rain, the water in the swimming pool, from the dripping faucet or fountain to a trigger technical Trigger, the language is. In the brain, a false Alarm is triggered, and the affected child, in a safe sense of security, to believe again, to have to die.

The body odor or the interjection of a teammate can also be used as a reminder slide as flat Breathing on a humid day, or during a busy football game. Nightmares and sleep disturbances are to be expected, because the darkness is reminiscent of the Black of the cave. Some children will experience symptoms of anxiety when you are in enclosed spaces.

Symptoms occur only with a time delay

To make matters worse, these symptoms often occur with a time delay, the affected child is first of all a stable effect and only later symptoms, which can not only assign the members accordingly, so that their psycho-sex education may not be necessary.

Since this is a particularly unpleasant, avoid be Concerned, often the Trigger, which restricts the quality of life significantly and, in this case, impossible is likely to be because the water and the darkness are unavoidable realities of Life. In some cases, Survivors of a paradox, take a way, even by suicide, the lives saved because you can’t bear to live with the constant Trauma to the head.

How big is the risk for the sustainable development of trauma-reactive psychological harm is also depends on how vulnerable or resilient, which means the vulnerable or steel, the personality of each child, whether the child has already had to cope with earlier traumatic life events, and if reliable, sensitive, binding persons are available to accompany the child on a psychological level, back to life.

How the Affected can be helped

In this first Phase, would be helped most if you could get control of trigger situations, in order to prove that there are only false alarmed reminders, and no re-real threats. Specifically, you should have the ability to be able to closed spaces leave at any time, in the night-time darkness, a light by the bed, which can ignite at any time.

In a second Phase, the anxiety Trigger should be coupled back to a positive experience and thus be neutralized. This beautiful and life-affirming experiences in the water, in the dark and in confined oxygen-poor areas.

Finally, a return to the place of Survival would be after a great mental and physical stabilization, healing, best as a complete Team, and in the awareness that they are not victims, but Survivors. Sports psychological point of view, could be reinterpreted as the common traumatic Situation positively, because it has the Potential, the Thai youth team of welding more closely together than a winning world Cup for a national team! This includes a renaming of the Moo Pah, translated into German would be “wild boar,” as the team called so far, “Team Survival”.

The unfortunate death of a helper could trigger in addition to the psycho-reactive symptoms, a guilt problem. On the other hand, the assistants have not only helped physically to Survive, but also psychologically. In contrast to the school on a rampage of abuse, where the Affected in addition to need to process that another person has inflicted deliberate pain, runs, or sexual it is the Experience of the cave survivors to a so-called type-1 traumatisation. The trigger for the mother nature’s skillful monsoon rain and we people may be more likely to accept that we are inferior to the Power of nature to endure by the hand of man-induced suffering. We humans have the ability to that strange people are risking their lives, and can’t understand when a classmate wants to kill us in cold blood, or a ward of his desires satisfied.