Drugs and Mozart in pain

Apparently music helps, along with a drug to cope with pain better. Particularly effective is the combination of Ibuprofen and Mozart works, such as researchers at the University of Utah reports.

The mice that suffered from inflammatory pain, showed up to 93% better results, if you in addition to Ibuprofen, also music "verabreicht" was. In the case of three other active ingredients in combination with music, a reduction in pain was achieved by about 70 percent. Two tested drugs – Cannabidiol, or NAX 5055 – reduced together with music in addition, swelling in the animals by 21 and 9 percent. The music alone was able to reduce surgical pain by 77 percent.

"There is growing evidence that music can relieve pain, if you, either alone or in combination with other therapies administered wird", Dr. Cameron Metcalf, assistant Professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the University of U said-Health. "I was particularly impressed by the observation that inflammatory swelling." If with the help of music, a stronger effect is achieved, then the dose of the painkillers could be reduced to avoid side effects.

For the study, five to eight mice were in each group suffering from inflammatory or surgical pain, for 21 days, either to hear ambient sounds or three times a day three hours of Mozart. In addition, were tested in two groups of four various painkillers. The authors indicate, however, that mice can hear different frequencies than humans. The effect of the volume or duration of music remains unclear.