Diet remedies for mosquitoes, protects against diseases

Female mosquitoes suck blood and may transfer diseases from person to person. Researchers have developed a new strategy that can be used to inhibit mosquitoes the Hunger for blood: you create the illusion of the mosquito lady with a "Diätmittel" before, she was already sick of it.

Female mosquitoes need blood to develop their eggs. Since they have descendants in the course of her life, several times, to stab you multiple times and can diseases from one person to another.

Researchers at the Rockefeller University have tricked the Vectors of yellow fever, Zika Virus and Dengue fever. You have found 265.000 active ingredients a who took the mosquitoes, the Lust for Prick and blood eyes: "If you are hungry, are motivated by these mosquitoes super. You fly in the same way to a human, as we are approaching a chocolate cake. But after they had received the drug, they lost interest," Dr. Leslie Vosshall, head of the laboratory of Neurogenetics and behavior at Rockefeller University.

Vosshall says: "A further advantage of this approach is that the effect of the drug is permanently. It reduces the appetite for a few days, which reduces, of course, the procreation, but not eradicate the mosquitoes, which could have many other unintended consequences."

The question is now, how do you get the active ingredient into the mosquito. The idea of the scientists is, you with food donors to attract the mosquitoes more attractive than people. You also want to test whether the principle of the mosquito in Malaria, and ticks also works.