Creativity is not only a characteristic of youth

A recent study about the winner of the Nobel prize for Economics shows that in life there are two different height points of creativity: The first is at an early stage in the career, about mid-20s, and the other approximately in the middle of 50. The researchers accounted for different modes of operation as a cause.

"Many people believe that creativity is only associated with youth. It depends on what kind of creativity you spricht", Professor Bruce Weinberg of Ohio State University says. He had observed with their colleagues, the Nobel laureate, performed at the beginning of her career, her ground-breaking work, rather "konzeptionelle" Innovators were, to think beyond conventional views of questioning, and tend to develop new ideas. They reach their peak early in their career, around the age of 25 to 29 years.

The "Late-Kreativen" rather experimental in nature. They collect in the course of their career Knowledge and to develop new ways. Long periods of time in which trial-and-error alternate, meant that you were only at a later stage in their careers to Nobel laureates, with the middle 50.

"Whether the creative peak is early or late reached in the career, depends on whether it is more of a conceptual or experimental approach hat", vineyard said. The researchers believe that the results of the study are not limited to the economy, but generally speaking, creativity may apply.

The researchers had made a Ranking of “experimental” concept, 31 Nobel prize winners and the respective Position on the list with the age matched. The scientific contribution that had led to the Nobel prize, was judged as the most creative Moment in their career.


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