Covid-19 cases in Germany rise again – Kretschmer: The second wave is already here

You can see in the Video: Covid-19 cases in Germany rise again.

The number of coronavirus infections in Germany rose significantly. Were reported on Saturday a total of 781 new cases, the previous day it had been 805, the information of the Robert Koch-Institute. For Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer is the answer to the question of whether there will be a second wave of Infection of the coronavirus pandemic, this is already there, so the CDU politician to the “Rheinische Post”. There is already every day, new foci of infection, from which very high Numbers could be.” The task was to break with the health authorities in this wave. Especially in the holiday season with hundreds of thousands travel abroad is seen as a danger for a second wave of the epidemic. Because in many European and non-European countries, the infection is rising numbers. In addition, there was repeated criticism of the negligent behaviour of German tourists, for instance in Croatia, or Mallorca. Also, the head of the Corona-test centre at Frankfurt airport, Arndt Rolfs was concerned. The diagnostic company Job has checked in here since the end of June about 25,000 people to a Virus infection, among them about 70 positive Covid detected 19 cases. This is in the expected order of magnitude, what was more worrying was that almost all of the positively Tested from be-came-risk countries.