Coronavirus or influenza? How the two infections differ

Also in Germany, the corona virus patients are more. The uncertainty in many people to grow. How can the novel lung disease from the flu differ? And how dangerous is the infection? An Overview.

When it comes to the Coronavirus, there are many open questions. Sure is: Anywhere there is less corona virus patients as a flu-sufferers. In addition, experts have the great hope that it is Covid-19 is also a winter phenomenon.

The virologist Alexander Kekulé of the Martin-Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg said in the “daily themes”: The majority of colds disappear pathogen, once it is warmer again. So it is possible that “the wave abschwappt before it strikes in Germany in the right.”

The symptoms of the Coronavirus and the flu differ

In fact, the symptoms of the two infections are very similar.

  • Cough
  • Shortness Of Breath/Shortness Of Breath
  • Pain in the limbs
  • Fatigue
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Headache

A doctor explains: what time is results in a Coronavirus-Test sense, and when it is paid

PCP doctor explains: what gives a Coronavirus Test make sense and when is it paid

Many people have only pain is a slight cold symptoms with Chills and throat or no symptoms. Also, diarrhea is possible. That corona virus-infected do not have a cold, primarily because of a lower respiratory tract are affected, has meanwhile turned out to be wrong.

In this respect, to Corona thinking, if the Affected contact to people from at-risk areas. A suspicion can then verify a Test and the infection of the flu differ.

So contagious Corona – and influenza viruses


Like many other people, infects a of Infected in the Mediterranean, is still not backed up specify. It is clear that the Virus is by droplet infection – such as when coughing and Speaking – common. And experts now know that the pathogen is significantly more infectious than initially assumed: Because the corona virus multiplies in the throat area. In the case of the upper respiratory tract, the route of transmission of syphilis is significantly shorter than if a pathogen must pass from the lungs and into the lungs of other people.

Also have the first results suggest that the Virus through the digestive system , and at least a few days on surfaces spread can be. A previously underestimated risk is probably that in stool samples of patients in the initial phase of a Covid-19-disease “significant quantities” of the pathogen were detectable, had explained Clemens Wendtner, chief of infectious diseases and tropical medicine at Munich, clinic Schwabing,.

To what extent is also largely or completely asymptomatic people are not infectious may be, is still open.


Also, the flu viruses multiply in the pharynx and directed by droplet infection during coughing, Speaking, or shaking hands from one patient to the next. Once inhaled, infect, the pathogens such as the respiratory organs.

Flu viruses are highly virulent. This means that already small virus amounts of a Influenza. In the cells which they infest, they multiply rapidly Up to 100,000 new viruses they produce in a day, so more and more cells are infected.

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As long as Corona – and influenza viruses contagious


A key Protein on the surface of the novel Corona virus binds with a 10 – to 20-times more potent in human cells than the Sars causative agent of the case. The study shows in the journal “Science”. This probably explains why it is so much more contagious.

The incubation period – the time between infection and the onset of symptoms – is two to 14 days. Therefore, suspected cases are isolated, two weeks. As long as people are already contagious before the disease breaks out, is not yet clear. For this reason, experts have been discussing this for a longer period of 27 days. Also, how long patients remain after the first symptoms contagious, is still uncertain.


Influenza has an incubation period of one to two days. During the course, and without the first signs of illness flu patients are contagious. Stay afterwards for up to a week.

Then the infections can be life-threatening

Both the excitation of the flu virus than the Coronavirus can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. Then, patients can get pneumonia, which may become life threatening.

Cause of death according to Corona infection: This happens when a pneumonia

FOCUS Online/Wochit cause of death, according to Corona infection: This happens when a pneumonia


By the novel lung infection can also cause further complications. This breath counting arrest, multi-organ failure or Sepsis (blood poisoning aside).

Such life-threatening effects, according to information from China’s health authority is just under five percent of the Infected. Almost 14 percent of those Affected develop severe symptoms such as shortness of breath. In the vast majority of cases, the health authority, more than 80 percent of the people suffering from Covid-19, only mild symptoms.


The Influenza pathogen cause damage to the respiratory mucous membranes and weaken the immune system. Therefore, Flu patients are more susceptible to infections of other kinds about by bacteria. So the nose can also be sinusitis and middle ear, the result of inflammation.

In addition, influenza can cause damage to the cardiovascular System, pulmonary edema (accumulation of fluid in the lungs) or circulatory shock lead.

“The new Virus is much more dangerous than the flu,” says the virologist Alexander Kekulé, and calls on the health authorities to play down the Problem any longer.

Who is in front of the Coronavirus, especially but also others, in Germany, according to expert opinion, significantly more likely infections of the respiratory tract, to protect, should adhere to General hygiene rules. These are all respiratory infections the same.

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Anti-microbial additives are usually not necessary. Also, the temperature of the water plays no role.
  • A Minimum Of 20 Seconds Wash Hands.
  • After Washing the hands thoroughly dry.
  • Keep distance to peoplethat sneeze or cough and even disposable handkerchiefs use. After the coughing, Sneezing and blowing your Nose you should wash, also, as soon as possible the hands.

New infections in Germany is caused by a novel Coronavirus in Europe, reported on the rise