Constipation – the 9 best home remedies

Bloating, feeling of fullness, rare, painful, hard bowel movements – what to do for constipation? Laxatives are not a solution, but there are simple home remedies that work and easily integrate into your daily routine – from olive oil to swallow up enema.

Constipation is not a disease, but can affect the quality of life massively. Who is clogged, it usually feels uncomfortable, bloating torment and the painful straining during bowel movements can cause hemorrhoids and anal promote fissure.

The handle to laxatives doesn’t help, although temporary, to the duration of some substances act. The bowel gets used to the substances. Better: home remedies, which help in the acute case, and in the long term.

These home remedies have proven themselves for constipation

Drink in the morning immediately after getting Up a glass of warm water, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. The warm liquid and honey to stimulate the bowel and can trigger the emptying charm. Cold water is even better, however, the people tolerated with a sensitive stomach just a little and can get stomach cramps.

Before Breakfast, take a tablespoon of high-quality vegetable oil , such as olive, Linseed or hemp oil. The Oil makes a hard chair sliding.

Drink in the morning, a glass of prunes juice, best is unfiltered and organic. You can restore the juice: in the Evening, a couple of prunes in a glass of water and let it soak overnight. The next Morning, the plum of water to drink and the plums chew it well, or with a Mixtsab puree and Smoothie enjoying, flavoured with a little fresh ginger.

Equally you can also use dried figs to use. You like the plum a lot of natural fiber, which fill the intestines and, thus, enable.

For Breakfast natural yoghurt with some oatmeal to eat. Yogurt is a probiotic, intestinal flora, maintains, and for a good bowel movement. Cheap especially yogurt and other probiotics, which contain about bifidobacteria.

Drink dissolved in water milk sugar, i.e. lactose (reform, house, pharmacy). Attention: anyone Who suffers from lactose intolerance should avoid it, of course.

Psyllium, best psyllium husks or not broken, in a glass of water in the morning and in the evening with meals or a drink. Psyllium peels in yogurt and cereal, stir. Psyllium seeds contain valuable fiber and mucilage, which maintain the intestines and promote bowel movement. Positive side effect: anyone Who regularly takes psyllium to lower cholesterol and supports weight loss. If you use psyllium, you should drink however much, as a General rule A teaspoon psyllium seed, 250 milliliters of water, otherwise the natural laxatives dissolves properly and does the opposite.

Eat in the morning, pureed Apples and pears. Both types of fruit contain a special fiber, which in this Form are easily digestible, the gut fill and stimulate.

Massage your abdomen with circular movements in a clockwise direction, which supports the natural intestinal peristalsis, the bowel movements, the intestinal contents far heritage to promote.

Enema with enema or Irrigator

However, if in the morning the water and the prunes Smoothie drink anything, in case of acute constipation, the enema is worth a try. With the help of an enema or Irrigators (both the pharmacy) can be made of the bowel, usually within 20 minutes.

The enema consists of a small rubber ball in the liquid filled and the enema tube. The Irrigator is composed of a container for the liquid, a hose, and an enema tube. As a rinsing liquid of still mineral water, the body temperature is suitable. The water in the rectum triggers a strong emptying of the appeal. Use enema and Irrigator very careful, however, it never caused pain during the Insertion of the Klistierrohrs, please use statement.

Movement not forget

Constipation can be quite well without medication – solving- and, above all, avoided in the future. To do this, you should drink a day is sufficient (at least a Liter and a half) and to take 30 grams of fiber. Exercise, so Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Gymnastics also ensures that the intestinal peristalsis is gaining momentum.