Christian Drosten: the Latest Phase in the Corona epidemic is a dance with a Tiger

The virologist Christian Drosten compares the current Phase in the Corona-epidemic in Germany, with the dance with a Tiger. It, piece by piece, apply now to find out where you can solve the animal, the leash, without the Podcast an advantage, said the Charité-scientists on Thursday in the NDR. Transferred to the loosening of the hot, for example, that you have to watch the return of the first grades to the school after a month of impact. You see, for example, that bad conditions have failed to materialise, could you readjust maybe, for example, the class size increase.

Drosten was referring to the so-called “Hammer dance”concept from the pandemic research: To drastic measures, such as a contact block at the beginning – the Hammer – a result of a Phase with a gradual return to normal behaviour.

The “Golden middle way” between health and the economy

The balance between health protection and economic interests, there is a “Golden mean,” said Drosten, and referred to a on Wednesday published a study of the Ifo-Institute for economic research and the Helmholtz centre for infection research. Therefore, a prudent, gradual opening-up process could minimize the economic cost, without compromising the medical objectives.

Generally speaking, he was currently “very impressed” by the good development in Germany, said Drosten. Worried he was a according to his Perception of the growing Occurrence of “smear campaigns” in Germany, what to sideboard a lot of damage.

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