Brain damage caused by too much selenium: How a wife poisoned accidentally self –

The woman came up with severe blurred vision in the University hospital in the British city of Southampton. You could see your environment just out of focus and realized plates are no Numbers or lines on color. Your eyes seemed, however, are in order: A Test of the retinal cells yielded normal results.

A magnetic resonance image of the head revealed that the problems of women were lower, in the Interior of the cerebrum. Bright Spots below of the cerebral cortex showed a Leukoencephalopathy, a disease of the white brain matter. There are millions of Nerve projections with which the brain cells interconnect. The white matter, degenerates, the signal suffers more wiring in the brain. For this purpose, the impression that the woman had been with 50 slightly demented fit.

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The Doctors, the immunologists, William Rae wondered about the cause of intellectual decay, and subjected the patient to various Tests. Leukenzephalopathien can be due to many reasons: infections, hereditary diseases, Multiple sclerosis, Heroin, cocaine, or cancer therapy can also drag the white matter affected. Now the woman take neither drugs nor medicines, wrote William Rae and colleagues on the case in the medical journal JAMA Neurology, but food supplements in high doses: “you were on your own over-the-counter selenium supplements to take”, so the Doctors – in order to strengthen your immune system. A year ago, she started with a 200-microgram tablet per day is already significantly above the recommended daily dose. Half a year ago, you had then increased to at least six to eight pills daily. “When she came to us, was her selenium level in the blood serum is extremely high: 5370 micrograms per Liter,” wrote Rae and colleagues. The woman put down the tablets, however, until their symptoms disappeared, took nearly two years.

Selenium is essential for the metabolism of essential and at the same time treacherous. In the amino acid Selenocysteine, it serves as a Protein building block, it regulates the hormones of the thyroid gland and the formation of Spermatozoa. So-called Selenoproteins defend as a part of the human detoxification system, cell-damaging oxygen compounds. Therefore, the good reputation of the selenium is probably: Because the trace element of “free radicals” are neutralized, the associated suffering with aging, heart and cancer, it is as an Anti-Aging agent and for prevention of disease advertised. Effects, evidenced by clinical studies, are even. Actually, selenium can be sufficient to over-eat: meat, fish, eggs and offal provide plenty of. Vegetarians and Vegans can nuts to para, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms or legumes attack.

For us adults and therefore no recommendation to swallow selenium to achieve an average of the daily reference value of 60 to 70 micro – grams a day, real selenium deficiency there is in Europe. For patients with intestinal or kidney disease supplements can be useful under medical supervision. Because selenium is easily overdosed. Medicinal products with more than 70 micrograms per day are, therefore, only on prescription. A dietary Supplement but it does contain 200 micrograms (although the Federal Institute for risk assessment maximum of 45 is recommended). So stay away from bad Boys: 300 microgram, just one and a half Pillchen a daily basis, threatening of acute symptoms of an Overdose.