Authority warns of measles risk in Munich McDonald’s

Visitors to a Munich-based McDonald’s may have the measles Virus infected, warns the Department of health and environment. Specifically, guests on Monday (4. March) or Wednesday (6. March) have eaten between eleven and 19 o’clock in the quick-service restaurant in Trudering. At this time, a measles infected Person is present.

Guests were in the period referred to in the Restaurant and not vaccinated or the disease have been through, should notify to the authority, – stated in the message. As the reason for the measure the unit is called the risk for dangerous complications of the disease. Between contact with the Virus and first symptoms eight to ten days go by usually. In time, the Infected can give the Virus already.

The measles Virus is the most contagious virus ever. The pathogen spreads by droplet infection. Even if an Infected person has left a space that can hold the virus for up to two hours in the air. Add to that a contact with measles if not protected, people almost always leads to the outbreak of the disease. Of 100 people without Vaccinations who come in contact with the Virus, become ill 95.

Hildesheim: school to exclude unvaccinated children from class

In the past few days, a measles outbreak had caused a Hildesheimer school for headlines. After the first cases had occurred, decided by the school, unvaccinated children from the classes to exclude. Who could show no Vaccination card or for whom the required vaccinations are missing, you must stay until the end of the coming week at home. This is also true for teachers and other Employees.

Infection with the measles initially causes a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and conjunctival inflammation of the eyes. At the same time, the Affected white Spots appear on the mucous membrane of the mouth, which look like the lime splash. After a couple of days, the typical rash with brownish-pink skin spots often appear first behind the ears and face and then all over the body can spread. After about five days, the complaints mostly.

A majority of people survive Measles infections, the disease can have life-threatening consequences, such as an inflammation of the brain. The risk for complications in infants and children in the first year of life and in adults over 20 years.

Germany to 2019: so Far, most of the cases in NRW

For full protection against measles, two doses of vaccine are required. Since after the introduction of vaccination in 1970, many children, once vaccinated, are protected some adults, despite vaccination, only inadequate. To exclude, it is worth a look in the vaccination certificate.

The world health organization (WHO) actually had the goal of measles in Europe and also in Germany to 2015 to eradicate. False information about alleged side effects of the vaccine, however, have led to the pathogens spread instead. In Europe is in 2018, so a lot of people with measles in the last ten years.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute reported this year so far, 162 measles cases. Most of them (67) occurred in North Rhine-Westphalia, followed by Bavaria (27), Baden-Württemberg (17) and lower Saxony (15).