Anyone who eats a lot of Fast Food, is never really satiated

A succulent piece of cake, or a steaming plate of pasta – often the sight of food reminds us how good it is to eat. We are sick and tired of a certain part of our brain – the Hippocampus – the memory of suppressed and reduced in accordance with our Desire. In the case of Fast Food such as French fries, Pizza or Burger, these neural appetite does not seem to work regulation, however, correct. This is the conclusion of researchers Richard Stevenson, from Macquarie University in Sydney (Australia) in a small study. As they report in the journal “Royal Society Open Science”, it can already affect a week with a lot of Fast Food, the function of the Hippocampus.

The study joins a large number of studies, the evidence does not deliver that much Junk Food affects not only unfavorable to the physique, but also for the brain harms. It was observed, inter alia, that sugar promote forgetfulness and too much junk food aggression, depression, and Stress increase as well as certain brain, can let the areas shrink. As the Team of Stevenson now reports, the effect of a unhealthy diet the Hippocampus and the Desire for more to rise – even if you are actually already full.

A lot of sugar, lots of saturated fats

In their investigation, the scientists involved 105 young, healthy Volunteers who ate normally healthy, and divided them into two groups. One group ate the included Junk, eight days of Food, so food, lot of sugar and saturated fats. So it was for Breakfast about toasted Sandwiches and milkshakes and Belgian waffles, as well as in the further course of the day, a main meal from a Fast Food chain. The control group ate their usual meals.

On the first and on the last day of the experiment, both groups were offered before and after the Breakfast, different unhealthy Snacks. The participants had to indicate how great your Desire was, and is, – in connection according to the Sample – rate how well you had tasted.

The result: In the group that had waffles, burgers and the Like feeds was the strong self-control after a week lower than in the comparison group. The appetite of the participants on unhealthy Snacks was much bigger, even if they had already eaten enough.

The brain responds to environmental influences

A Healthy Diet

Fat, Gluten, sugar: This Doctor explains, what we can eat easily

The scientists recommend now, to examine the role of the Hippocampus in more detail: Other research have suggested that this brain region is susceptible to environmental influences, such as insomnia, Stress, environmental toxins, depression, and type II Diabetes – all factors that arise, especially in the Western world often. Combined with an unhealthy diet, this could mean not only acute, but also long-term and increasing damage to the Hippocampus.

But what if you for the sake of the brain not only on Junk Food to give up, and concentration and memory is through the diet to promote? To this question there are already several recommendations. Such as long-chain, complex carbohydrates help, as they are contained in whole grain products, to satisfy the energy needs of the brain uniformly, and can thus better focus. Omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish, nuts and canola and walnut oil to have a beneficial effect on the nerve cells and their Interaction, proteins from fish, seafood, lean dairy products, legumes and whole grain cereals are considered to be beneficial.

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