Alcohol also makes you broke: What you know about your pancreas should

A lot of alcohol damages the liver – the most know. But there is plenty of beer, wine and other alcohol, the pancreas is affected, is less common.

Disorders of the organ untreated can even be life-threatening. The technical language is called the pancreas is about 70 grams, and is located in the rear abdominal cavity.

The pancreas is unwell, are at risk both of their vital functions

Alcohol excesses can irritate the gland, which can ignite as acute or chronic. “High Fat levels in the blood, and nicotine are the pancreas is also not good,” says Markus M. Lerch. He is the Director of the clinic for Internal medicine at the University medicine Greifswald. Also, lack of exercise and Obesity can make the gland ill. “Genetic factors play sometimes a role,” explains Dagmar Mainz, specialist for Internal medicine and gastroenterology in Saarlouis.

The gland is constantly active. She is ill, are at risk both of their vital functions. For one, they produced a daily one and a half liters of pancreatic juice, which consists of water and 28 digestive enzymes. “This Secretion breaks down food into carbohydrates, proteins and fats and cut,” explains Thomas Seufferlein, Medical Director of the clinic for Internal medicine at the University hospital in Ulm. On the other, the body releases the hormones Insulin and glucagon. Both regulate blood sugar levels.

An inflammation of the pancreas is shown

Felt an acute pancreas makes inflammation by severe abdominal pain. From the upper abdomen can increase the pain in the back. “Often Nausea come vomiting,” says Mainz. Other symptoms can be circulation problems and a bloated belly. In Germany will be included, according to Lerch annually 74,000 patients with pancreatitis in the hospital, of which an average of 1500, the disease will not survive.

“The, without a doubt, the most common disorder of the pancreas is Diabetes,” says Lerch. The first signs of this are, for example, can increased thirst and increased urination. Diabetes can also occur as a result of pancreatitis. By chronic inflammation of the pancreas can be damaged, and, increasingly, scarring. In addition to recurring pain accompanied with weight loss, diarrhea, flatulence, and fat intolerance, says Mainz. Possible consequences of vitamin deficiency and bone disease osteoporosis.

In the acute stage, rapid Action is important

The treatment of inflammation of the pancreas depends on the cause. A lack of Insulin-Diabetes is about, should syringe the Affected person on a regular basis Insulin, in the Absence of digestive enzymes, these will be replaced as tablets. “A treatment that eliminates the root cause of the inflammation is not there yet,” says Lerch.

Be treated, therefore, in acute cases, often the complications: hydration, medications for pain and, in some cases, antibiotics. In any case, is announced in the acute stage of rapid medical Action, otherwise, the disease can be fatal.

In order to relieve the pancreas, the Patient for some time, no solid food. In the case of a slight inflammation of the Affected can eat normally after two to five days. “In the case of a strong inflammation is the risk that the institution itself is digested,” says Seufferlein. To prevent this, must be removed by the digestive juice of destroyed tissue. Gallstones are the cause of the acute inflammation, these can today be eliminated from the bile duct. Gallstones are more likely to problems, should take out a doctor, the gallbladder.

Insidious pancreatic cancer is. In the case of malignant, but also benign tumors have no symptoms often occur a long time. Notes may be back pain or acute jaundice. Who wants to do his pancreas something Good, should reduce Obesity, alcohol only in moderation and drink plenty of move.

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