After a myocardial infarction: feel Better through Sport

Heart attack patients who participate in a program for the improvement of the life style, feel better – in particular, if you drive, in addition sports. This is the result of a large study that was presented at a scientific platform of the European society of cardiology (ESC).

Heart attack patients usually get rates for cardiac rehabilitation are offered, in addition to advice for dealing with Stress, and taking medications will be motivated to improve your lifestyle by increasing exercise, Smoking cessation and good nutrition. In a large study, with 4.570 patients, those who participated in such a heart rehabilitation part had to score all the time a higher quality of life than patients who did not. Those who drive on top of that per week at least 150 minutes of exercise, achieved even higher values.

Faster back in the day

After a heart attack, many patients have problems with mobility, self-care and daily activities. Sport improves Fitness, both physical as well as mental advantages: By a suitable Training, many patients can exercise better, everyday activities, which has likely a positive effect on the quality of life.

Dr. Hurdus said: "Cardiac Rehabilitation includes not only movement, but also advice on lifestyle and medication, probably contribute all to make people feel better. There is also the additional social advantage, such as with other people in a similar Situation and to share a sense of community."


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