600,000 people in need of measles protection in vaccination

Of the controversial mandatory vaccination against measles, about 600,000 people in Germany would be affected. This is the Federal Ministry of health has confirmed to the MIRROR. The vaccination is intended to apply to community facilities such as kindergartens and schools, as well as for employees in hospitals and doctor’s offices. First of all, the “image”newspaper had reported about it.

According to the estimates 361.000 children in day-care centres and schools are not vaccinated adequately against measles. In hospitals and doctor’s offices of 220,000 employees in addition, according to the Ministry of health, which could be committed to a vaccination.

Law to on 1. March 2010, come into force

The draft law to be adopted before the summer break, the Cabinet decided on 1. March enter into force in 2020. Who wants to have a child against measles vaccination, should be sanctioned with a fine of 2500 euros and the child concerned will be excluded from the Kita-visit, calls for the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). The coalition partner of the SPD supported the plans – unlike the opposition, Green.

To prevent the spread of measles virus, vaccination coverage of more than 95 percent is required. These Rates will not be reached in Germany at the moment. Recently published data show that around seven per cent of school beginners are not protected in the Federal Republic of adequately against measles, because they have only received one Dose of the vaccine. The Standing Committee on vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute recommends that children within the first two years, twice against measles vaccination: for the first Time between the 11. and 14., the second between the 15. 23. Month life.

The vaccination is a question of General health protection, said Spahn of the ARD. In spite of intensive education with the necessary vaccination rates had not been achieved so far. The debate about mandatory vaccination sharpness of awareness. “At the same time we have rules that educators, teachers and teachers, but also staff in hospitals must be vaccinated in public community facilities,” said Spahn.

Recent eruptions, such as in Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia were the result of “progressive Here,” reads the draft law. Until the beginning of March 2019 to the Robert-Koch-Institut, 170 measles cases have been reported.

Doctors President wants to exceptions

Doctors President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, in favour of Spahns plans. He thinks penalties for violations generally, to be justified, can imagine exceptions. A vaccination could easily ask, but difficult to implement, said Montgomery. “I can’t imagine dragging children with the police to Vaccinate.”

Measures would have to appeal to the good sense – this means, above all, better education. Montgomery argues, however, for exceptions to mandatory vaccination, because vaccination can be in the case of certain underlying diseases dangerous. Parents who have serious reasons against vaccination should, therefore, be exempted from the vaccination. “To me, so what’s the deal there like earlier in the conscription,” said Montgomery. “That was for all of them, but there were commissions, the the objectors recognised. Something we also need for vaccinations.”

Critics of the mandatory vaccination criticize, however, the debate revolved mainly around children. Also, a majority of the adults was not immunized against measles. Researchers such as Cornelia Betsch, a Professor of health communication at the University of Erfurt, warn that the requirement for certain vaccinations could lead to Impfskeptiker waive other voluntary vaccinations.