59 years old and pregnant?

Three weeks ago, the woman having unprotected Sex had been two weeks since you plagued by Nausea, and you must be vomiting every day. In a clinic In Birmingham in the U.S. state of Alabama, the 59 ask-Year-old, whether you may be pregnant.

Her mother was 59 years old when it was received; an aunt had brought the age of 60, a child, reported the woman.

Unlikely, but not impossible

The Doctors that examine you, keep a pregnancy is unlikely. You can however, two Tests and hormone levels in the urine or in the blood can be determined, such as Mary Margaret Basham and Teresa Bryan of the University of Alabama reports.

The belly of the woman is at Palpation is soft, the patient feels in the investigation of a diffuse pressure pain.

The woman suffers from multiple diseases. She has thalassemia, which affects the red blood cells, and suffers from iron deficiency. In addition, she has a bipolar disorder. And due to an irritable bowel, she often has diarrhea.

About every three to four months, you have a menstrual period, she says. This takes usually two or three days. The last spent three months. The woman reported that her gynecologist told her that she had been from the change out. Due to regular bleeding, you didn’t believe that, however.

Positive Test Result

The first pregnancy test, in which the amount of a hormone, human Chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), is measured in the urine, is negative. The blood test is positive, The hCG value of the woman is 7,11 International units (IU) per Liter. In non-pregnant women under the age of 5 are normal.

In the gynecological Department recommend a hormone test to an ultrasound. It would indeed be possible that a Tumor for the elevated hCG value is responsible. For such a tumor have no signs, as the uterus and ovaries of female is to be examined however. But even pregnant, the woman does not, so the diagnosis after the ultrasound and the advanced hormone test.

“Was not known to us”

What is then your hormone levels are rising and causing the Nausea? The Doctors come to the conclusion that the two do not hang together at all.

Their findings show An elevated hCG value after the Menopause is not uncommon. This is evident from previous studies, – stated in the case report. In a study, about 8 percent of the 55-year-old participants had, for example, a value of about 5. “We – and our colleagues – it was not known that in some women after Menopause, more hCG is released”, they write in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. Physicians should be aware of this, however, my Basham and Bryan, to avoid unnecessary further Tests and unnecessary Worry in patients after a seemingly positive pregnancy test.

After Menopause, the last menstrual period, can a woman be only by artificial insemination to get pregnant. You need a donor egg, which is banned in Germany. Most women experience the Menopause in your mid to late 50’s.

The patient recovered a few days later. Nausea and vomiting may have been triggered by a viral infection, the medicine inside. Because of their regular bleeding you remains in gynecological treatment.